Rock-n-Roller Charm                                                          Who Ever “They” Are

Tatoo                                                                                       Mona Lisa

Where is the Crime in That ?                                             Find Out For Myself

Code Red Day                                                                        My Life is Like The Earth

Double Shiftin’                                                                       O O Water

Tell By His Kissing                                                                Serenity Song

Rapuzel                                                                                    Time

Tulips                                                                                       Laugh

Woman, He Called Me                                                         Summer

Angels In My Head                                                               Wings

Opposites Attract                                                                   Starlight

Sketch of You                                                                          Crystal Ball

Sweetest                                                                                   Reversed Psychology

Story Teller                                                                              Snowbound

He Wants Kissin’                                                                    Last Conversation

Guru                                                                                          If You Used Your Mouth For Kissing

Well Meaning People                                                            She Said

One Word                                                                                Common Sense

All The Saints


गायत्री  Gāyatrī           तैत्तिरीय  Taittirīya


Pronounce Sanskrit Vowels               Vowel Placement

…………… Write  Devanagari ………

Write Dentals          Write Gutturals          Write  Labials          Write  Semi-vowels and Sibilants

Write  Palatals         Write Retroflex