duality                                                                      duality


Now-a-days we  think of time as a continuum.  Start  time,  13.81 billion years ago and continuing for a very long time  with the ‘present’ being a dimensionless point moving
along this background.     Space-Time.

objective  time          sequential   time

universal time       —  present system  (  present,  past,  future )

it’s  the  same  time  everywhere

process   in  time

ascending  from  the  material  universe

left  brain      ( a  linear ,  process   view )



‘right here’ .   The ongoing present.

dimensionless        timeless

– –  it’s  always been now and will always be now  – –

subjective ,    the   present  moment        —  aorist  system

wholeness       Nowness         outside of time        an experience

descending  from  the consciousness universe

right   brain     ( an in the  moment  view )


2  opposing perspectives

2  cognitive  systems

the  left brain and the right brain    think  differently   ,    complimentarily


Left    brain    verbs    =     present system           imperfective            Analog

Right  brain    verbs    =     aorist   system                perfective            Digital


imperfective   =    uncompleted            sequential             process

‘ she is wearing high heals ‘

‘ the  belt  drops ‘

perfective     =     completed                wholeness             awareness

‘  she  has  worn  high heals ‘

‘  the  belt  has  dropped ‘


the  Left  Brain

linear ,  sequential   ,    past  ,   present ,   language

judgment  ,   punishment  ,   deception  ,  defines boundaries

judges  right-wrong  ,   master of details  ,   differences  ,  dissimilarities

the  voice  in  the  head  ,   control          agent

the  Right  Brain

in  the  moment ,   perceiving  ,    experiencing  ,   awareness

inflection of voice  ,  big picture ,  similarities  ,   compassion ,   intergration

intention  ,   awareness  in  the  head             experiencer

yin yang


enjoy  the  present  moment

Pamela  Chang


opposition   effectuates  the   electricityenergy  in  the  mind

+   –

Vedic                  Active  Voice     –      Middle  Voice

agent          –         experiencer


earth   and   heaven

earth         is  the  outer   objective    world           explicit

heaven      is  the  inner   subjective   world           implicit


the  outer  world  is  verifiable                      ‘   that  is  a  nipple  ‘              Active  Voice

the   inner  world  is  non  verifiable(private)    ‘  i’m  sure  i  love  you  ‘         Middle  Voice


Present System   vs    Aorist  System

Present System ,  left brain  ,     Time    ascending     from  the  Big Bang   flow of time

Aorist  System  ,  right brain  ,     Now


Present System                                 process                     unfolding  in  time

Aorist  System ( and  Perfect )                   observation(experience)    no  mention  of  time


we  have  a  pair  of  minds  *

a  complimentary pairhemispheres.

left brain   deals  with  the  world  in     Time

right brain deals  with      Now


the  Proto  Indo-European  Mind


time travel

say  we  have  2  times



internal  time  is  always  now

today  i  buy  a  sports car

tomorrow  it  is  still  now ,  so  what  i  did  now

changed  history



theory  of  mind

i  believe

the  parent  language  of  Vedic Sanskrit  was  the  first  self-conscious

language-culture  on  this planet

last spoken  4500  years ago

it’s  daughter languages ;    Vedic , Greek , Latin , German ,  Slavic   etc.

disseminated  a  new  mental  Operating System

the  signature  of this new  mental   Operating  System

is  the  constant  chatter  of  self

this  constant  self-chatter  creates  a  continuity  of  self-awareness

throughout  one’s day and one’s  life

a  continuity  of  memory

the  ‘Aryans’  not  only  gave us this  gift  of self chatter – self consciousness

but  also  meditation

which  i  believe  is  the  subject  of  the  older half  of the  Rig Veda

meditative  practices

meditative  experiences


Vedic  uses  terms  like   ‘ consciate  instead  of  meditate ‘           caketa

‘ consciation  instead of meditation ‘        pracetas


this  meditationconsciation  uses   the  bi-cameral   nature  of  our  2  hemispheres

using  the   language functionality  of  the  left  brain

in tandem  with  the  awareness  functionality of the right brain

resulting  in  conscious  thought

the  Conscious Thinker (Agni) can  then  be  in  control  of  our  Meditative  Adventure

who  calls  the  Conscious  Mind  to  the  meditative  Party

mirroring   the  prefrontal  neo-cortex  action


now-a-days  ,  in referring  to  the  agent  of our  thoughts (subject of our sentences) ,

we  use  the  singular.

such  as       i   talk  now  and   i  talk  tomorrow

as  the  same  agent ego

in  the  Rig Veda ,  our  agent(s)  of  thoughtsphrases

are  referred  to  in  the  plural

when  beginning   our  meditation  adventure

the  smart  thinkers-agents (naras)  set  the  table

for  the  Conscious  Thinker  (agni)

in  the  singular


the  writtenspoken  words  in  the  Rig Veda

in meditationbreathe  the   internal     spokenwords  of  skillful  smart   agents

whowith  words   launch  us  to  the  more  conscious

then  the  more  conscious   takes  over

this  seems  to be their  game plan


the  Proto  Indo-Europeans   developedinvented  the  modern  mind

around  5000  years ago

the  same  mind  that  we  have  today

before the Aryans,  the  2 hemispheres were not a   team


imagine  a  car  battery

charge  it  up

the  charger  does  the  work  of   pushing  apart   the      +  and  –

like  stretching  out  a  rubber  band

this  new(5000 years ago)  mental Operating System

uses   energy   of the  2  hemispheres   to  push  apart;   to  create

opposition    complementarily

objective world   and   subjective world

ascending time   and   descending time

‘flow of time’    and    Now

language   and   experience

agent        and   experiencer

analog  i    and   metaphor   me


and  of  course            imperfective  and  perfective

opposing  perspectives

an  eagernessas with  boy and sexy girl

a  pair  of  minds



i  do  not  believe  in  Advaita Vedanta

‘  brahman alone  is  real ‘

nor   some  Science  that  says

‘  consciousness  is  emergent   from  the  brain ‘

but   that   consciousness  and  the  brain  are  a  complimentary  pair.

yin   yang

the  mind  is  the  heirarchical  layered  interface   between  them



matter –  energy

*    consciousness  and  the  brain  as  equal  partnersyin-yang


it  takes  2  to  tango     ……


consciousness  surely  has  a    spectacular   universal  quality

not  of  the  material  3  dimensions  we  all  know

notas science believes   ;  emergent   from  the  brain

but    outside  space and time      the  electricity-light-knowledge


duality  stimulating  action


on  the  2  sides  of  the  coin   we  have  matter  and   energy

or    brain  and  consciousness

the  coin  is  made  up  of  information

information  has  structure

the    mind   has  structure

an  information  matrix-fabric

the  mind  is  an  interfacebridge    between  brain  and  consciousness

an  event horizon    with a   subtle  structurepatterns

probably  octaval ,  crystalline  ,  mathematical ,   Mandelbrotal

fractal  patterns

it  follows  that

an  A.I.  or  Alien’s  mind  (at some level)  would  be  similar  to  ours

using  the  sameor similar  interface

theory of mind


the  mind  is  where  the  materialbrain   and consciousness  meetinterface




consciousness  is  the  most  interesting   thing  in  the  universe

Patti Shelton



Vedic  grammar  exudes     hemispherical   opposition



2  worlds

Space-Time                Now

Space-Time          is  in  the  world  of  our  4  dimensions of  space-time


Now                      is  dimensionless



to  operate  in this  world

we  need  2  minds(2 hemispheres)   to  deal  with  these  2  worlds.

right  brainmind    deals  with     now,   experience

left    brainmind    deals  with     things and  events  in  space-time


married   through  a  low bandwidth  connection

the  corpus  callosum

the low bandwidth is set  just right to  give

2  separate minds    2 hemispheres

but still keep them a complimentary pair




Dualism Psychology


we  have  2  separate neocortexes  of  maybe  40  billion neurons  each

they are joined by  maybe  240  million   axons ( corpus callosum )

axons are  biased

information flows in one  direction  only


our  2  neo-cortexes  are  fairly  independent

we  have  2  minds

in  a  yin – yang  relationship

in  a  single  ‘ circular containment ‘

a  complimentary  pair.


imagine  your  thumb of one hand  and  the  index  finger of the  other  in a rubber band

you  stretch  the  rubberband  by  pulling  the  thumb and finger  apart


let’s  say  the  thumb  is  honesty  and  the  finger  is  deception


dualist  psychology,  might say  they  exist

in an equal  relation,  equal  tension like  the  rubberband

50  –   50       because  of  the  2  hemispheres

so  the  more  honest  someone  appears

the  more  deception    50  –  50

right  down  the  middle


the  more  one  loves  their  religion

the  more  they  despise  other  religions


the  more  one  loves  their  race

the   less  respect  for  other races


the  more  pride  one  has  for  oneself

the  more  disgust  to  others


lovers  put  their  children  in  a  4 wheel drive  SUV

at  the  expense  of  the  other   family  in  the  smaller and lower Honda

in  a  wreck,   that  Honda  family  might  slide  under  and  get  crushed


the  more  you  love  the  more  you could  kill


the  more  giving

the  more   superior   one  feels


Dualism  doesn’t  see  a  single  person,  a  single  soul   with  qualities

but  a  dynamic  complimentary  pair


how would  a  Dualist   psychologist   judge  or  analyze  a  human being ?

my guess  would  be  as  we  would  analyze  a  building

buildings  have  much  hidden

basements,  wires,  pipes,   rebar

some  buildings  are  better  built  then  others

some  of  higher  quality

some  are  more  enjoyable  to  be  in

some  you  just  like  better


there  is   2   sides  of  the  coin

heads   and   tails


all   aminals  have  2  brains

because   they  need  to operate  in  2  worlds

the  world  of  space-time left brain

the world  of  now             right brain



be  here  nowism


the  elegance  of  being  a    ‘ be  here  nowist ‘

is  that  there  need  not  be  any  beliefs

no  anxiety  over  matters  needing   to  be  substantiated

simply  ,   shoo  away   the  thoughts

and  be  awake  in  the  present  moment

live  in  the  world  of  immediate  experience  and  action


lately     i’ve  fallen  in  love  with  some  yoga  words   like…

present  moment



and  some  neuroscience  words  like

prefrontal cortex


55  years  ago,  when  reading  Science Fiction,

i   developed  a  life long   interest

in  the     Philosophy of Mind

of  late,  some  interesting  things  have  come  about

that  I  would  call

a   Modern  Philosophy  of  Mind

the  god father  of  this  new  Philosophy  is

Albert  Einstein

the  active  philosophers  are

Ben  Goertzel

Ray  Kurzweil

and  others

but  lately

with  the  exponential  growth  of  population

there  are  now  millions of  educated   Philosophers

in  Aristotle’s  and  Plato’s   day

there  was  only  a  hand full

around  150-200  years

there  was  an  explosion  of  intellect

ala   Charles  Darwin

an  explosion  of    Science  and  Technology



at  the  center  of  his  Relativity   thing

was  the  ‘ Observer ‘

the  Observer  is  related  directly  to  pre-frontal  cortex  activity


imagine  youobserver   are  on  Earth  with  a  bunch of telescopes

looking  out  in  all  directions

the  further  you  look

the  younger  the  universe  gets

it  keeps  getting  younger   and  younger

until   say  13.81  billion  light  years  away        in  all directions

you  get to the big bang

the  Big  Bang  appears  to be a canopy  around  our  universe

but  the  Big Bang  was-is  a quantum sized event

it  appears  that  the  observer  and  his  telescopes  are  looking  into  a

larger  and  larger  universe

but  they’re  really  looking  into  a  smaller  and  smaller  universe

the  universe  has been   expanding

from  a   quantum  sized  explosion


no  matter  where  the  observer  goes  in  this  universe

he  is  always   at  the  center

he  will  see  the  same  thing  in his  telescopes

the  Big  Bang  will  always  be  13.81  billion  light  years  away


the  Observer  does  not  ‘live’  in  the  world  of  Space-Time

the  Observer  does  not  have  a  location


now  imagine  you  are  on  a  flat  hot  Arizona  desert

you  turn  around  and  see  a  bunch  of  55  gallon  barrels

stacked  upright  together   in  a  single  layer

500,000  of  them

no  matter  where  you  look

it  all  seems  pretty  much  the  same

barrels  stacked  together


now  imagine  the  neocortex  spread  out  to  the  size  of  a  large  pizza

everywhere  you  look     it’s  pretty much  the  same

500,000   neural  columns ,

stacked  together           just  like  the  barrels

in  a  single  layer    about  a  tenth of an inch  thick

each  neural column  has  60,000  neurons

more  importantly  regarding  the  mind

each  neural column  has  600  mini columns

each  with  100   neurons

the  inner  structure  of  each  mini column

is  determined  by  DNA       not  by  learning

the  outer  connections  are  grown  by  learning

where  possibly  3  mini  columns  will  recognize  the  letter   A

Ben  Goertzel  and  Ray  Kurzweil  call  these  mini columns  ‘  pattern  recognizers ‘

they  are  the  foundational  structure  of  the  mind



the  chess  player  Kazparov,  when  playing    Big Blue

it  was  found  out  that  he  had

memorized  100,000   chessboard  patterns

so  when  looking  at  a  chessboard  game

he  doesn’t  have  to  search  them  one  at  a  time

or  find  them

all  100,000  patterns   are    online

hard  wired

he  had  more  neural  maps  online

his  education  and  who  knows  what  else


so  when  looking  at a chessboard

he  had  a  million  learned  neural maps

lit  up,  online,      simultaneously working

being  apart  of





tension  between  the  2  hemispheres


your  thumb  of  left  hand   and  the  index  finger of the right hand

in  a  rubber  band…..pulling  apart

say  that  your  thumb  is    ‘love’

and  your  finger  is   possessiveness/selfishness

the  more  you  love…….the  more  selfish

equally         50-50

a  complementary pair     like     yin – yang


a  scantily clothed   Heroine  dismounts

and  slays  the  dragon


the  Dragon

is  when  you  get  drawn   into  a  stream of  thoughts

and  lose  your  identity


the  Heroine  slays  the  dragon

after a taste

arrogantly  hands  Awareness  over to  the  Conscious  Mind




having  slain  the  dragon

the  ubhermench   directs  ‘attention’  to  a  state  of  intense  awareness


the  Mind  consists  in  a  hierarchy  of     layers

the  bottom  levels   being   the   physical     neurons     mini columns     neural columns

an  upper  level ,  possibly   a  software  level         the  ‘ Central Executive ‘

or   maybe  higher  up         the  ‘ Observer ‘


in  meditation…….being  the  Observer

you  may  become  aware

that  you  are  aware  of  what’s  going  on  in  the  mind

that  you  can  use  thought  consciously


as  an  Evolutionary…..

one  would  certainly  want to be operating  from  the  highest  level of mind  possible


quantum  people  talk  about  the  Observer

einstein   talked  about  the  Observer

yoginīs    suggest  to  Observe  the  breath

but      those  times

when  the  Observer  turns  towards  the  mind

and  notices  no  thoughts  about


i think    this  is  a  very special  state  of  mind

a  very  high  level  of  mind

in  the  hierarchy  of  layers  that  make  up  the  mind

possibly         ‘touching’  consciousness

the  lower  layers   ‘touching’   the  material


ben goertzel





a  pleasant  day  is  preferred

not  having  an  unpleasant  day   is    my   Anthem



many  of  our  beliefs  we  except  as  fact

but which  in fact  are  just  beliefs


Diamond  Sutra

vajrachedikā   prajñāpāramitā  sūtra

of  the  mahāyāna


“   the  essential  original  nature  of  things  is  empty “


not  all  Nihilists  are  right wingers

some  are  left wingers  –   liberals

i’m  one  of  those

imagine  yourself  on a spaceship

it’s  out  of  fuel

you’re  slowly  drifting  towards  a  sun

with  left wing  Nihilists  it’s     ‘ lets  party ‘


Ben  Goertzel  has  a  great  take  on  Nihilism

he’s  saying  that  words  and  ideas  do  lack  a  soul

an  ultimate  essential  reality

and  but

words  and  ideas  do  have  a  fuzzy  meaning-essence


*    and  that  this  fuzzy  world  is  plenty  of  fun



minds  within  minds


the  brain   may  have  a  central executive  upper layermind

and   have  many  more   lower   minds

minds  all over the place  doing  all kinds  of  things  in the  brain

minds  within  minds  within  minds

but  how  about  the  other  way

the  brain       170  billion  neurons         with  a  mind

the  galaxy     170  billion  stars              with  a  mind

the  universe  170  billion  galaxies         with  a  mind


the  Milky Way     knows    the  Andromeda  galaxy


the  pictures  of  galaxies  colliding

is  it  a  battle ?

is  it  sex ?

i’m  rooting  for  sex


computer  metaphor


we  have  a  powerful  metaphor  available  to  us  today

that  previous   philosophers   didn’t


computer =  brain                         program = mind


the  computer  has a  cpu ,  working  memory  ,  hard drive  and  physical structure

a  program  ,  say  ,  windows 8  ;    sits  on the  hard drive

this  program  isn’t  physical ,   it  is  information

we  flip  the  switch  on      and

Windows 8  then  causes  all kinds  of  physical    activity


the   Mind ,  stored  in  memory ( hard drive )    gets  busy   when

the  switch  is  switched  on

it   can  cause  all kinds  of  things  to  happen  in  the  physical  brain

the  mind  is    information

that   runs  on  the  brain

or   on  both  brains ( we have  2 )


before  this  metaphor ,  it  was  more  difficult  to  describe  the  mind


to  experience ,  one  needs  an  active  brain

attention  can  be  manipulated  by  the  mindwords

something  might  cause  several  millionsbillions  of  neurons  to  fire  synchronously

this   bundle   then  has  the  umph   to  make  it

to  working  memory     where

attention,  the bundle   and  consciousness  are  experienced


a  meme  is  not  conscious  but  can  come  to  light  in  working  memory

but  it  has  to  make  it  there


information  can  cause  the  material  to  arrange  and  act

in  particular  ways


after a computer is used

it goes back to its  original  state

after a brain is used

there  could be a lot of  new  brain growth

maybe  new  permanent  patterns


how  many TV  comercials  have been permanently  placed  into  your  brain ?

your   brain  have been  fucked



neural  lag

working  memory  stretches  out  ‘  the  now ‘  a  second  or  two  or  three



the  more  synchronized  firing  neurons  the  brighter  the  light  bulb

the  brighter  the  experience

no  firing  neurons

no  experience

when you stare at a bright object  for  a  bit

then  close  your  eye lids

you can still  see  a  trace  of  it  for   2  or  3   seconds

this  neural  lag  must  be  central  to  how  the  brain-mind  works

especiallyWorking Memory

if  you  ‘space-out’  for  more  then  2.5  seconds

something  else  will  probably  enter   Working  Memory


maintaining  a  meditative  focus – attentional focus

requires  staying  alert

in  a  2.5  second  world


to  fully  grasp  what’s going  around  us

we  need  2.5  seconds

to  go  through  all  the  brain  areas

hallucinating  a  world     from  limited  bits of  information

in the  form  of  neural  pulses


staying  focused

should  be  helped

by  having  a  large  orchestra

of  supportive  activestimulated   neural  columns


a  neuron  must  get  an  accumulatively  large enough

number  of   firing  orders

to  overcome   a   threshold     and   fire

she  either  says   yes  or    it’s  no

if  she  says  yes  in  the  morning

you  surely  will   have  a  spring  in your step  all  day


the  mind  straddles

a    digital   linearcontrol                 hierarchical     structure

an  analog  associativememory       heterarchical   structure



we  live  in  2  worlds

Space-Time       and       Now

our  2  separate  neo-cortexes    deal  with  each

left   brain        Space-Time

right brain        Now


consciousness  and  the  brain  are  a  complementary  pair

like   yin – yang

consciousness  and  the  brain  are  joined  by  the  mind

the  mind   is  structuredconstructed   of  layers

in  an  hierarchy

each  layer  interfacing  with  its  higher and lower  neighbor

lower  layers   are   molecules  and  neurons

a   higher  layer  might  be  a  software  layer     ‘ central executive ‘

the  lower   level  touches      the  material

the  higher  level  touches   consciousness


many people ask a question

then  proceed to answer  it

as if it’s obvious that  the question is valid




we’re  not  nearly  as smart as we think

we  use  words

always  assuming  their  meanings  mean  something


words  must be  connectedassociated   with  patterns

more  at  the  story  level   then   physical  level


a Buddhist

i  have  come to believe

that  what  i  have  come  to believe

is  not  true



it  take  2  to  tango


negative   –   positive

north        –    south    poles

matter     –   energy

male        –   female

wave       –   particle

analog     –   digital

quantum  –  Einstein

left brain  –   right  brain

this  duality   stimulates  the  universe

animals  are  bilaterial

2  brains

we  think  that  there  is  one  brain  in  our  skull

but   there   is  really      2   connected  hemispheres

with   the   left  cortex  areas  dealing   with   languageprocess

right  complimentary  cortex  areas  dealing  with  awarenesswitnessing

filling  in  the  non-verbal  stuff  in  communication

the   yin-yang   action  between  the  two

stimulates    our   mindaction


more  and  more  i  like the  idea  and  feel  of  subtle  structures and  energies

like  crystals  and  auras           chimes  and  gongs

energy  centers          healing

it  makes  sense

as   with  a  subtle  structure  to  mind



the   Aryan  grammar    had

2   verbal  systems ,   for these  2  hemispherical  oppositions


present  system           for  the  language  producing   area       –    left  hemisphere


the  aoristperfect  dealing  with  the   immediacy  of  awareness    –   right  hemisphere



Active  voice      dealing  with  the  objective   world

Middle  voice     dealing  with  the  subjective  world



left  brain           ‘ i  ‘      as   analog                         actor     agent     doer

right brain         ‘ me ‘    as   metaphor                    experiencer    observer





having observed my  mind for a while

i have come to the conclusion

that i have 2  friendly  natures.

directly   mirroring  the  2  hemispheres

my  left brain’s  nature is one of

a gentleman, considerate, organized, interested

my  right brain’s  nature is one  of

orneyness,  doesn’t give a shit,  enjoys  sexy women,

smokes  weed

fortunately,  my left brain has control of my eyelids.

although,   my right brain has control of my eyes.

it seems like  a  50 – 50  deal





when  you’re  old

every  second  counts

you  no  longer  care  how  fucked  up  everything  is

or  how  fucked  up  people  are

fuck  the  negative

let’s  party




imagine that we are at home

there’s a knock at the door

we  open the door to discover a Hit man   standing  there

he  pulls  a  mouse  out of his pocket

and  says  that  his boss wants me to teach it  algebra   or  else

i  would  say ‘ go ahead and shoot me,

understanding algebra   is beyond the capacity  of a mouse’s  brain

i believe that  our  understanding   of   things  like  ‘ Consciousness ‘

is beyond  the capacity of our  brain-mind



Proto-Indo-European   was  last  spoken  4500  years  ago  around  the  Caspian  Sea

Baltic   and  Slavic   drifting  north

Indic    drifting   south

Indic    branched   into   Avestan   and  Sanskrit    around   4200   years  ago

Vedic  last  spoken  3600  years  ago

the   Rig Veda  (3200  years ago)  contains   some    Aryan    thought

the  main  theme    –   Meditation       yajña

sitting down ,  closing  the  eyes    and



going  from  Smart Talk    to   Conscious Talk

adding   awareness      to  language

synchronized  with  skillful  language   directing   awareness

the  Conscious  Thinkerlanguage

can  be  brought  to  birth

in  the  meditator’s   mind


it’s  like ,   before  Proto Indo-European

the  right  brain   was  running  a  Mac  operating  system

the  left    brain   was  running   a  dosPC   operating system

2  different  minds   with  little  co-ordinationno shared  memory

along  comes  Proto Indo-European

bringing  a  new   mental   Operating System

both hemispheres  cooperating  as  a  team

electrified        like  the   +  and  –   of  a  battery

and  now  the  right  brain  can add  awareness  to  thought ( of  left  brain )

and  the  left  brain   can  control  attention ( of right brain )       with   words

we  can    now   ‘ bring-to-birth ‘   a  conscious  being


with   a   new  decision  making  paradigm

a   new  feel

more  awake


when  describing  awareness

it  seems  that  there  is     a  perceiver     a  witness       a  subject

an  observerof thoughts

the  2  brains – 2  perspectives   thing

along  with  neural  lag

may   explain   the   witness



why  do  animals  have  2  brains – hemispheres  ?


it’s  because  the  world  comes     dual

*    Now

*    Time        events  in  the  flow  of  time

our  right  brain  experiences  the  world

our  left    brain   acts   in  the  world


the  material  world    is  in  the  space-time   dimension

Now-consciousness-experience  world    is   dimensionless


to  operate  in  this  dual  world

our  2  brains-minds   cooperate  and   mesh  these  dissimilar  worlds

with  the  help  of  the  corpus  callosum  and  what  not


both  the  sensory  and  motor  cortexes   control  opposite sides of the  body


We live in 2 worlds, which is why we have 2 hemispheres

Space-time    and   Now

‘ our state ‘    rich-poor, educated-uneducated, good family-good job-good wife

People understanding  the state  they’re in

This is a right brain view

‘ what was done, what is done, what is to be done ‘

This is left brain stuff


one  has  to  experience  the  world

experience  only happens   now

one  has  to  deal  with  the  world

which  happens  in   space-time


life    after    death


death   after   live


i  am  a  plagiarist


instationation  of  attention


if  one  were  to  view  the  older  half  of  the  Rig Veda  without   religious   hyperbole

without  gods  and  heavens

and  see  it  as  a  description  of  meditative  practices and experiences

where  they  maybe  twice  a  day ,   sat  down  ,  closed  eyes ,  and  looked  inward

stepping  out  of  self-chatter  mind   into  the  conscious  mind

wanting  to  experience  desirable  and  benificial   states  of  mind

in  meditation

Aryan  psychology

now  a  days

we  attribute   the  thoughts   and   experiences  in  our  head

to   single  agent              me

i   was  16   and  she  was  15

i   remember  every detail

i  more  then  just  remember  every  detail

the  Aryans    didn’t  know  where  thoughts  and  experiences  came  from

looking  inward,  thay  saw

thoughts  were  born           the  thinkers  were  in  the  plural

the  ‘ conscious  thinker ‘   was  brought  to  birth          called

one   invitedcommanded  a  conscious  experience      to be  experienced


the  Aryans  prospered  around  the  6000-4500  years  ago

along   the  rivers  flowing  south   into  the   Black and Caspian Seas


they  told  stories,  drank beer  and  smoked  pot ( found in kurgan graves)


enjoyed  getting  into  the  conscious  states  of  mind

sitting  down ,  closing  the  eyes

using  smart  thought to  direct  attention  to  Working Memory

holding  it  there –  keeping   it  online  ( long  enough )

for   multiple  neural networks  to   join-in

sync  up –  join  the  orchestra (  where  all  are  pulsing  in  synchrony )

experiencing     conscious   states  of  awareness

with  the  prefrontal  cortex   lit  up  and  firing



to  experience

one  needs   at  least   a  brain

working   just  right


attentional  focus

the  Rig  Veda   has  a  model

has  a  game plan

controls   attentional  focus

first   with  smart   voice

then  with  conscious  voice

then  conscious  awareness

conscious  actiondoing


girl watching

attention  needs  to  be  instantiated   in     working  memory

a  few  smart  words  could  help

then   stimulate   multiple  neural  nodes  to  join in

getting a  good  number  of  small  and  large  neural columns

firing  in  orchestrationrhythm

the  more  the  merrier


on a computer

to  use  a  web browser

an  instance  of  the  web browser  needs  to  be  brought  up  into  working  memory



shall  we

  encourage   future  desired   behavior

make  new  memories

make  future  memories

write new scripts

the  more  passion  and  interest    in   the   action       the  better

doing  yoga   at  home  by  oneself     is   much   less   effective

then   doing   yoga  with  a  group

a   rich ,   interesting ,  and   stimulating   experience   makes  stronger   memories

passion         smiles          flirting         conversation       humor

this  is  in  contrast   to  withdrawing

to  a  cave


what  you  do

influences  what  you  will  do

ones   behavior  in  the  present  moment

is  where   future   behavior  is   influenced


our  behavior  in  this  present  moment

has   consequences  beyond   this   present  moment


different kinds of memory

episodic  memory  –   recall what  you  had  for  dinner,  who  was  there

info.                       –   what  is  her  phone number

skills                      –   foreplay

working  memory  –   the  realm  of  Consciousness,  Awareness,  self

DNA   and  other  processes



“I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but

then I thought there are so many people in the world,

there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do.

I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too.

Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes,

it’s true I’m here, and I’m just as strange as you.”

― Frida Kahlo


hyperbole   and   religion


a  state  of  mind    that  is

quiet ,  focused ,  bright  ,  in the  now

sounds  like  a  healthy  mind


a  person   with  a  healthy  mind

focused   around  the  present  moment

sounds  like  a  healthyhappy  person


that  inner world  of  experience   is  private

unexaminable   by  others

if  i  say  that  I’ve  seen  a  ghost

how   can  I  be  proven  wrong   ???

I  can  say  that  I’m  enlightened

or  that  i    talk   with  god

100  different religions   have

100  different  descriptions  of  life-after-death

how   can   they   be  proven  wrong   ???

at  70  years  old,  i  really  want   to  believe  in  life-after-death

but   whom  am i   to  believe

how   am  i  to  believe

when  there  is  no ( zero )   proof

zip      not-a-smidgen         no  evidence

zero   =   none

‘ God ,    send  me  a  sign ‘

drop those panties



I  believe  the  older half  of  the  Rig Veda

talks  about   meditative   practices  and   experiences

states  of  mind

not  descriptions

with  a  language   expressing  2   different  perspectives

2   natures

left-brain     and     right-brain


objective  world   and   the   inner  private  subjective  world

the  Now    and  the  not   Now



the  right  brain  does not normally  have much  responsibility  for  linguistic  processes

such   as

phonology  ,  morphology  ,  syntax

sounds  ,  words  ,  grammar  ,  sentences

but    the  behind-the-scenes   stuff    like

humor  ,  sarcasm  ,  metaphors  ,  indirect  meanings  ,  emotions  behind  the  words


communication  usually  extends  beyond  a  single  sentence

the  left  brain   builds  sentences   sequentially

sentence  meaning

the  right  brain    sees  the  intent   globally  ,   themes  ,  discourse  cohesion

speaker   meaning


lets  look  at  the  brain  as  having  4  main  areas

left-front ,  left-back      and          right  back   ,   right-front


in  electronics  we  have  a  term  called  ‘ bias ‘

a  transistor  allows  electricity  to  flow  in  one  direction  only  =   bias

a  neuron  has  bias

electrical  signals  flow  into  the  axon   and  out  the  dendrites

in  one  direction  only

neural  columns  have  bias

and  it  turns  out  that   these  4  brain  areas  have  bias

looking  down  on  the  brain

information   flows  counter-clockwise

right-frontal  cortex   to   left-frontalmore  one  direction  across corpus callosm

left-frontal  to  left-anterior

left-anterior    to  right-anterior

and  back  to  right-frontal


the  awareness  of  the  right   pre  frontal  cortex

flows  into  the  language  of  the  left  pre frontal  cortex

then  back  to  the  Wernicke   area ,  where  it  is  heard

on  around  the  cortex

where  awareness   lights  up   the  words

it  now  feels    as if     there  is     a  speaker

a  me


Julian Jaynesvisionary    talks  about  how

these  2   hemispheres   were  uncooperative

lived  in  different  neighborhoods

that   people  used  to  have  auditory  hallucinations

‘  voices  from  the  gods ‘   –    voices  from  the  right  hemisphere

voices    not    self-generated

He  argued  that  4000  years  ago ,  people   were    bicameral

having   2  mostly   separate  and   distinct   cognitive systems


it  was  the  Proto  Indo-European   culture  and  language

that  developed  this  new  softwareoperating system

around  5000  years  ago

along  the  rivers  flowing  into

the  Black  and  Caspian  Seas

in  southern  Russia


we’re   running  the  same  software  today

changed  a  little  of  course


the  modern  mind  was   developedinvented  by  Aryans   6000 – 4500  years  ago


in  southern  Russia – Ukraine




the  mind  straddlessuperpositions

a    digital   linearcontrol                hierarchical     structure

an  analog  associativememory     heterarchical   structure


high  structures   function

at  the  pattern-story  level

not  at  the  detailsynaptic  level


there  would  be   a  machine  language  interface   between

detail-synapse   level

and   a  software  language  of  pattern-story  level


the  mind  seems  to   love   Octives

so,   there  would  be   7   levels   of   some kind

each  with  interfaces  to  its  higher  and  lower  neighbor


between   the  central executive   and  molecules




i’m  a  small   letterboobs   kind  of  guy

small   s    self

small   e    enlightened

small   l     liberated



experience  only  happens  Now


being fully awake and alive is  awesome.

it  takes  effort to stay present

but  so  worth  it  to see  all the  beauty  around



to function in this world  our  immediate  experience  must  be intimate with

immediate memory and immediate  imaginationprediction.

say  –  i’m   going out for a pass – she throws the football.

i must  view the ball in flight

have  the  memory of the initial trajectory

imagine  the rest of the trajectory

this  is  ‘ working memory

being able to use  the immediate  time  space  around the experiencing moment

around      2.5  seconds

a brain function developed by evolution  and  natural selection

made  possible  with  neural  lag

and  a  heirarchy of  processes

a  signature   human quality



the gray mattercortex  in our brain , spread out ,

is about the size  of  4 sheets  of  typing  papers

1/9th  of an inch thick,   containing   around  85  billion neurons

the white matter  is  zillions  of  wires, connecting  all  these  neurons

each  neuron   can  have  several  thousand   input wires   and

several  thousand   output  wires

these wires  mostly  get ‘ hard wired ‘  when we are young children

language   is  primarily  how  it’s  done

most brain structure   and    memories        are  somewhat  permanent

our  brain  to  some  degree   becomes  fixed,  hard wired


the brain is a very busy place

“ your  head is hummin’  and it won’t go in case you don’t know “

lead zepplin


the  brain  may  contain  around 170 billion  neurons

there  may be  around  170  billion  stars  in  our  galaxy

also  may  be  around  170  billion  galaxies  in  our  universe

this  could  be  a  Chaos-Complexity   threshold  number

where   the  light  bulb   turns  on


observe the mind    and  you will  see  sentences  streaming  by

one  after the other     after  the  other     after the other


can  we  become masters of our mind

can we control our thoughts

can  we  change  what our mind will  do

can  we  improve   the  health  of  our  mind

more so from higher states of mind     i  think


we  have  at least  3  memory  systems

working   memory

short term   memory

long  term    memory

these  memory  systems  feed   the  language  machine  ( our thoughts )

the  working  memory  system  is  different      and    we   can  use  it

it’s  a  short space        2  to  2.5  seconds

this  is  where  we can  meditate

make  conscious  observations

make conscious sentences  –  thoughts

a  thought  resulting   in  a  verb and  a  couple of nouns

this  is the working memory-mind,     the meditative  mind

a  2  second  world

this  is where we can  ( for a while )  choose  to  be conscious

or  the     Central Executive in the Prefrontal Cortex    ‘chooses’  to  be  conscious

until    the dark  forces overwhelm     of course

dark  forces  being  the  flood  of  subconsciously generated  thoughts

sitting  down  to meditate

we  can be aware of our  immediate  mind  space

we  can  see  thoughts  entering  this  area    and  dismiss  them

we  can  master  our  mind  space



the  Rig Veda   has  around  1000  hymns

i  don’t  think  hymn  is  the  right  name  for   these   things

song ,  poem    doesn’t  work  either

i  like  mantra   a  little  better  –  here’s  why

in  computers  we  have  a  term   ‘  instance ‘

when  you  call  up  a  program  into  working  memory

it’s  called  an   ‘ instance ‘

when  you  click  on  the  web browser  globe

you’re   instantiating    an  ‘ instance ‘  of  the  web browser

into  working  memory

if  you  click  it  again,   you  call  up  another  separate  ‘ instance ‘


these  mantras  aren’t   things   like    hymns,  songs,  or  poems


processes –  a  process  of  calling-up  an  ‘ instance ‘   into  working  memory

of    hopefullyconscious   thoughtthinker    ~   awareness



my passion has always been   ‘ freedom of mind ‘

to  think

to  imagine

to  experience

that    of my choosing


2   brains


that    Proto-Indo-European  and   Vedic Sanskrit   having  2   verbal systems

has  lead  me  to  believe  that  their  mind

began   a  complimentary   bicameral   polarity


the   left  brain

linear  ,   sequential  ,  linguistic                             present system


the   right  brain

perceiving  ,  experiential  ,    momentary               aorist  system


some  think  that   we   can   multitask   2    things   rather  easily

but    when  you  add   a  third   task,    it  crashes

some  say  that  each  hemisphere  can  multitask  2  things


PET   scans   have  shown  that   this  is   the   case

because  of  our   having    2   hemispheres


the   Rig Veda   may   have  2    types   of   hymns

praise-invitesmart thoughts         and         experience


they   may   have   nailed   the   2   hemisphere    thing

inventing  our  modern  mind





in electronics  we  have a principle  known  as  ‘ bias ‘

the  flow of elections  is  allowed to flow  in  one  direction  only

some research has  purported  that  our  brain  has bias

looking down  on  brain

the vast majority of  electron flow  is

from  the  right prefrontal  across the  corpus colossus(mostly in one direction)

to  the  left  prefrontal

then  back  and around  to the right  prefrontal

and  back   around

in  time  while still  neural  fresh


I’m  convinced ,  that  this  half-second  delay

is  where  we  get  the  feeling

of  a  witness

of thoughts and words


I believe  that  this  situation  is  what  the  Aryans  brought to this planet

a  new  mental Operation System

that  causes  electrons  to flow  in a counter clockwise direction  around  the  brain

the  left brain  involved  with  language

the  right brain  involved  with  awareness,  observation

the  right brain  appears to be controlling  the  creation  of  thoughts

but  is   usually  a  half  a  second  behind


a  goertzelesk  train

how  limited  are  our  choices  ?


which  train ?

our  state  of  mind  should be  our own  responsibility

and  where  do  we  go ?

our  choices

presented  to  us  by  our  brains’  buzz  of  information  patterns

that  we  habitually  call  reality

she  hides  her  nipple   but  not  that  tattoo  on  her  right  breast


i  feel  intelligence  when  reading  Ben  Goertzel’s  ‘ hidden pattern ‘



“ Nor  should  we  overlook  the  probability  of  the

constant  inculcation  of  a  belief  in  God  on  the

minds  of  children  producing  so  strong  and  perhaps

inherited  effect  on  their  brains  not  fully

developed ,  that  it  would  be  as  difficult  for  them  to

throw  off  their  belief  in  god ,  as  for  a  monkey  to

throw  off  its  instinctive  fear  of  snakes “



thoughts  are  limiting




young  children   inundated  with  language

grow  a  language  machine  in  the  brain

trillions  of  eventually  permanent  connections-pathways

axons   and   dendrites   get  laid   down

later  growth  happens  more  at  the  synapses

beliefs           could be  axonal  and  dendrital

details           synaptical

after  the  brain  becomes   somewhat   hard wired

at  the axonal  and  dendrital  levels

changing  beliefs  might  be   tuff

losing    syntactical  detail   may  take  a   shrink

but  adding  new   syntactical  pathways-associations   should  be  easy


‘  how  many commercials  have you seen in your    entire     life ? ‘

those commercials  wereare  craftily  and  permanently  placed  in  our  brain

our  brains  has  been  fucked



Friedrick  Nietzsche


2350  years  ago  Pyrrhus   accompanied  Alexander

on his conquest of Northern  India

he  was  upper class and educated

but  then  all  men  were  drafted  into  the  Army

when  there  he  studied  Buddhism

upon  his return to Greece

he  started   the  school  of  Skepticism

Skepticism  is  a  practice ,  not  so  much  a  philosophy

where  one  suspends

thoughts  and  beliefs  in the  non-evident

suspends   beliefs  in  matters  that  can not be  substantiated

cease  or  suspend  judgment

about  claims beyond  the present  immediate  experience

angst  and  suffering   is  felt

when  thinking  about  ambiguous  non-evident  stuff


eschew  thoughts  and  beliefs

and  live  in the world  of  immediate  experience


Skepticism  was  quite  popular  in  Rome  and  Greece

until  pushed  into  oblivion  by  Christianity

and  in  India

until  pushed  into  oblivion  by  Hinduism

Buddhism (skeptic like)  also  was  pushed  out  of  India

Nietzsche  was  a  noted  professor  of  ancient  Greek  philology

and  reignited   Skepticism .

which  rings  familiar  to    eastern  philosophies

Nietzsche’s  ubermench  was  not  a  superman

but  a  conscious  man

one  who  lives  in  the  real  world


His  first  publications  were  about  an  ancient  Greek

named   Diogenes  Lertius

who  wrote a book  called

‘  the Lives  and Opinions  of  Eminent  Philosophers ‘


Diogenes  went  around  Athens  listening  to  eminent philosophers

–      the  twisted  path –

Diogenes  was  rich  but  a  dolt,  an  idiot

after  listening to philosophers

he  came  home  and  dictated  to  his  slaves

who  wrote  this stuff  down  on papyrus ( short lasting )

recopied  on  papyrus , eventually  paper

by  many  people,  including  Christian monks


–      the  problem –

what  did  the  philosophers  really  say

how  accurate  is  the  final  rendition



The  Rig  Veda

codified  orally  for  over  1500  years

i  wander :     did  any  of  these  memorizers

have  mental  problems

memory  problems

emotional  problems

political  problems

religious  problems

woman   problems

IQ  problems


i  like  Nietzsche

for  proving  to meDiogenes    that –

the  Rig Vedic  rendition      we  have  today

is    estranged

from  the  mental  world  it  ‘quotes’


i  like  Nietzsche

for  awakening  in me  the  understanding

that  the  real  world  can  be  found  in  the  Now




when  the  prefrontal  cortex  is  firing and  lite  up

you’re  probably  in  a  conscious  state  of  mind


x  yoga              y    yoga


x   yoga   –   beautiful      gratitude ,  compassion ,  prayer ,  surrender , empathy ,  service


y   yoga   –   in meditation  heroic  effort ,  conquer ,   battle ,  win ,  dominate ,  rule ,  victory


i  have  a  masculine  nature  and    relate  to   y     yoga

taking  control  of  my  mind  and  reveling  in  the  victory

arrogantly  enjoy  the  conscious  mind

winning  a  clear  mind,  is  fucking  fun


the  older half of the Rig Veda  was    y  yoga


the  newer half  started  the  movement  towards     x   yoga

in  my  opinion




say  the  mind  can attend  to  only  one thing  at  a  time

this  state  of  mind  is  usually  accompanied  with  a  feeling

meditation…   self regulateschooses    whatwhere   that  attentionstate   is

meditation…   we  go  from  mind  concerned  with  not-now

to   now

to  the  more  conscious

and  maybe  choose  enjoymentmy favorite

meditation…   works  best  in a group,  with  a  guide

i   prefer  90% – 95%  silence


meditation…     notice  a  clear  mind

become  aware  of  being   awake  in  the  conscious  mind

and   feel   arrogant  victory

or  choose  another  feeling

meditation…     observe  the  mind

notice that there  are  no  thoughts





meditation  practice    starting  with      smart talk

and  then    proceeds    to  conscious  talk

the  conscious  thinker  invites  indra  to  the  meditation  party

indra,  the  conscious  mind,   correlates  to

prefrontal  cortex   activity

*   conscious  of  what’s  in the  mind

*   conscious  action

swat away intruding  subconscious  shit

the  choice  is  yours

being  ‘ central executive ‘  is  orgasmic  i  think



pracetā  vīrasvarā

a   virile  conscious voice



Hot Yoga


imagine  a   yoginī   guiding    the   meditation

she   does   some relaxing stuff   and  then  might  say

‘ observe  the  floor  underneath  you ‘

a  few      minutes  later   she  might  say

‘ observe  your  hands ‘

a  few      minutes   later   she  might  say

‘ observe  your  breath ‘

a  few    minutes  later  she  might  say

‘ observe  your  mind ‘

a  few   minutes  later  she  might  say

‘ observe  the  absence  of  thought ‘

a  few  minutes  later  she  might  say

‘ observe  your  mind ‘

that  woman  knows  how  to  party  !!!


unasking   with   caffeine


many  meditators  like  to  relax  to a state  of  peace


others  may  take  the  path  of   conquest

taking responsibility  for  our  thoughts

choose   experience

wide  awake

fight  for  clarity

rule  the  mind


prefrontal cortex   of  both  hemispheres    in  action

left brain                  actor    agent

right  brain               experiencer


the  right brain’s mind  is  aware  of  what  is  going  on in the  mind

is  aware  of  what’s  being  experienced

the left  brain’s  mind   will  docontrol  action

swat  away  the   intrudingsubconscious

chooses  what’s  going  on in the mind


keeping  predominant  neural  activity     in  the  prefrontal  cortex



i  believe      the  older half  of  the  Rig Veda  was  written   by

brāmin  priests  some  400-500  years  after

Vedic  had  melted  away  into  Prākritic  cultures.

and  is  a  religious  recollection  of  an  older  (foreign-bardic) line  of  thoughtsong

Aryans  never  talked  about  soul,  life after death  or  morality

They  talked  about  (conscious) states  of  beingmind

and  how  to  achieve and  enjoy   them

Vedic  was  last  spoken  maybe  3600 – 3700  years  ago

the  Rig  Veda  started  compiling  about   3200  years  ago

in my opinion


drum circle

it  seems neurologically,

that we live in a 2 second worldworking memory

a  reminder  drum beat every 2 seconds

could be   the  sweet  spot


we  need  around  2  seconds  to  subjectively  understand  an  event

says  neuroscience


self  deception


our   senses  ,  subconscious   and  unconscious  certainly  give  us  misinformation

but   could  you  call   it   deception ?

can  we  consciously   deceive  ourselves  ? !

the  French  philosopher  Pascal  came  up  with  an  argument

saying  that  it  could  be  rational   to  do   so

such  as   the  case  of  believing  in  god

one  might  not  believe  in god ,  because  of  the  absence  of  evidence

but  Pascal  says  that   even  if  there  is  only  a  .001 %  chance  that  god  exists

one  might  want   to  consciously  deceive  oneself   here

because  of  the  immense  consequences

believing  in  god  means  spending  eternity  in  heaven

not  believing  means    spending  eternity  in  hell

can  a  person  just  choose  what  to  believe  ?

republicans  believe  that  they  are  more patriotic  then  democrats

they  define  the  word   and  then  say  that  they  are  more  patriotic

but  are  they  deceiving  themselves  ?

is  there  a  ‘ patriotism ‘   or  is  it  just  made  up   by  the  mind  ?

is  there   a   ‘ self ‘   to  be  deceived  or  is  it  just  made  up  by  the  mind


we  might  be  in  a  situation  where

a  something   that   is  made  up  by  the  mind

is   being   beguiled   by   something   that  is  made  up  by  the  mind



what  if  there’s  no    after  life




The  theory  of  Supervenience states  that

there  is  a  hierarchy  of  properties  in  a  system.

Where  lower  properties  determine  the  distribution

and  structure  of  higher  properties.

And  that  the  higher  order  properties  supervene  on  the  lower  properties.

such  as

chemical  properties  determine  the  distribution  and  structure of  the  brain,

The  brain  determines  the  distribution  and  structure  of  the  first  order  mind.

The  first  order mind  determines

the  distribution and   structure  of  the  second  order  mind.


The  second order mind  can  supervene  on the  first order mind.

The  first  order  mind  supervenes  on  the  brain.

The  brain  supervenes  on  chemicals


the   universe   mind  supervenes  on  galactic  mind

the  galactic mind  supervenes  on   earth  mind


there’s  probably  a  cultural  mind  involved  also

both  historical  and   contemporaneous

additionally     the  future  has    Strange Attractorschaos      pulling


our  minds  interface  with  our  individual    memorypatterns

as  well  as   our  cultural   memorypatterns



i  wonder if the reason that  some  music makes it to the top  of the  charts

is  because  of  some  similar pattern

in  the  collective  unconscious

in  some  subtle  pattern  process

that   was  established   from    some   previous   culturial  deed



thoughts  may  trick us into believing that other people cause our suffering

when ,  more likely  it’s ,   our  thoughts  cause  our  suffering



the  brain  is  very  creative  with  its  sense   data

then   we  add  language


with  language  we  communicate  with  others

and    ourselves


when  we  talk  with  ourselves

is  our  right brain    witnessing    the  language  centers   of  the  left  brain

adding  a  touch  of   awarenesswitness  to  the  words

‘ she  hide  her  nipple  but  not  that  tattoo ‘



the bottom line

is state of   mind




quantum  people  talk  about  the  Observer

einstein   talked  about  the  Observer

yoginīs    suggest  to  Observe  the  breath

but      those  times

when  the  Observer  turns  towards  the  mind



the  older  half  of  theRig  Veda   may  be  describing   a   technique   of  meditation

using  the   Prefrontal cortex  and  working memory

to  Wake-up,  step  into  conscious  experiences

to   get  into   the   Here  and  Now

not   a  permanent   change

but     sitting   down   twice    a  day

and    meditating

with  the   Will   to  be  Awake


Meditation   was  seen  as  enjoyable

stepping  out  of  incessant  self  chatter

into  the  conscious  mind


Meditation  is  done  by  controlling  attention  ( the  Offering ,  havis )

initially  with  voice

guiding   attention   to   conscious   thoughts

and  conscious  awarenesses



if  we  attach  ourselves to a stream of thoughts

we  leave  the realm   of   experience

detaching   ourselves  from this  stream of thoughts  ( stream of English  sentences )

we  can get back to the  realm  of experience

but  this is a mind  without  memory

how  do  we  remember being here

just on the edges of our present moment

this   Working Memory    function of  the brain

is  where   heaven and earth  meet

the  realm   of   the   awaremind



thanks to evolution  and  natural  selection

surviving   human beings developed   a  brain function   called  ‘ working memory ‘

probably  using  neural  lag

located  in the prefrontal cortex – home of the Central  Executive –  our  ‘ light bulb ‘

it  possess   a little  leeway  ( some room)    around  the  ‘ present moment ‘

a  second or 2  or  3

this  can  be the realm  of  Agni,    the  conscious thinker

he  can  ‘ set the table ‘

for  conscious  experiences

for  conscious   functions

possibly  conscious  journeys



4500  years  ago,   the  Aryans   saw  a  different  world

they  didn’t  know  what  the  sun  was

or  that  the  earth  rotated

but  outside  of  thought –  outside   the thinking  mind

there  are  experiences   common  to  all human  beings

like     sex ,   the  site  of  a  beautiful  woman,   ice cream

universal  expriences

in particular ,    meditation  –  a  state  of  mind

the  Rig Veda   could  then    be  understood    if

a  quiet,  alert,  awareconscious   mind –  is   what   they’re   talkin’  about

and  it  could  be   because

this  state  of  mind  is  a  common  natural  human  experience

a  special   state  of  mind   –    blissful


Take charge of your mind



In language there are 2 main categories of words

verbs  and  nouns

left brain  –  verbs             right brain – nouns

Nouns are an understanding of  some ‘thing’    (no  time )

Verbs   set  action  ( in  time )


rap  music


now a days  when someone  writes an article

it  is  put  in writing   and  published

it  stays  in  that  form       forever


we  project   this   process   onto   the  oral  tradition

4000   years   ago

we  imagine   someone   composing   a  hymn or story   at   a  certain  time

publishing   it   ( memorized  by    some  people )

and  repeated   accurately?   for  1500  years

very  doubtful  scenario


rather    a  Bardic  tradition


Milman  Parry  and  others   have   put   forth   a  much  more  likely  Bardic  scenario


called   the  Oral  Formulaic  Hypothesis

where   an  original  story  or  hymn   had  a  general   theme

thousands  of  phrases  were  memorized

and  remixed  on  the  spot

remixed  formulisticly

using   some   repeated   clauses

modular   like  phrases



and  some   Chomsky

where  a  semantic  idea  generates

an  appropriate  phrase

all  done  within  the  formula  ,  metre ,   and  what  not

from  a  large  group  of  memorized  phrases

the  bard   was   creative  not  with  semantics   but  with  syntax

they  rearranged  memorized  phrases  at  each  performance

the   themes  stayed  pretty  much  the  same

the  bards  had  some  impromptu

some  of  these  people  were  undoubtedly  rock  stars

rap  music


our  memories  are  stored  at  the  micro-molecular  level

but   the  memory  system   functions   at  the  story  level

we  recall  a  memory  at  the   story  level

then   access   the  finer grain   stuff


they  would  use  the  story   to  get  at  the  finer  grained

words  and  phrases

with   some   on-the-fly   composition

using  for  the  most  part ,  ready  made   modules




there  are  lots of   mentalworlds to get lost  into

the  Now  is  probably  the  best   bet




the  condom


there  could  be  17  fundamental  elements;

quarks       up                charm             top

down            strange           bottom

leptons       e-neutrino     m-neutrino      t-neutrino

electron        muan              tau

bosons       photon          z                     w                    gluon               higgs



At  the  heart   of   each  of  the  17  fundamental   elements  that  make  up  our  universe

is   a   one   dimensional   vibrating   string

each  of  the  17   strings        vibrate  differently

this   string   resides   in  a   sphere – sheath – condom


from   earth   we   can  look  out   in  every  direction

the  farther  we  look,  the  younger  the  universe  looks

until  we  get  to the  big  bang

and  say  at   13.81   billion  light  years    away

( no matter where  we  are in the universe, we are always at the center )

we  reach  the  Big Bang  in  all  directions

what  appears to be a canopy  surrounding  the  universe

is  really  that  tiny quantum sized  sphere

surrounding   the  fundamental   string

they  are   one and  the same


that  shining  conscious   awareness  in  our  eyes

must  be  universal

not  separate  sources


experience only  happens  now


interesting words   are  fuzzy

they’re   lacking  a  capital  M  Meaning

they’re   soulless



information  is  non-material


the  mind  happens  with  neural  activity

the  mind  could  be  information  processing  other  information

effecting  information  at  other  levels

biased    activity (one direction)

processes  happening  at  different  levels

layers  interfacing  with  its  neighbors

information  amongst  information

information  within       information


information  may be stored  in  memory

but  there  needs  to be  neuralactivity  for  the  mind  to  be

mind  =  information  patterns  being  processed  intelligentlywith some conscious

the  mind  interfaces   the  brain  and  consciousness

and  may  have  7  layers

with   octavesovertones   going  in  both  ways


maybe  our  upper  layer  of  mind

where  the  self  is experienced

where  experience  is  experienced

overtones  to  the  cosmic  scale

cosmic  overtones   resonating   down  to  our  head


each  layer  in  the  Hierarchy

being  friendsinterfacing  with its  neighbors

the  mind manomayakośa  would  not  understand or speak

the  deeperlanguage   at  the  synaptic  level   annamayakośa

but  more so  with  neighbors       below     feelings       prānamayakośa

above      intellect       vijñānamayakośa



i am most conscious, awake, self-aware

when the colors and textures of the world

are  there



Emotions are viral programs running  in the subconscious recesses of the mind

Feeling      are    new     fresh      of the moment





And    Or


(Or)       the  left  brain  is  Hierarchical

the  Army






foot  soldiers

each  layer   has  it  own  action  algorithms

a  control  structure

each   layer   manipulating  different   information

each   in control  and effective  with  it’s  own  predictions

higher  levels  can   direct  and  discipline   lower  levels

lower  levels  provide  feedback –  results       to  higher  levels

linear      biasdirectional


(And)       right  brain  lives  in  a world  of  patterns

physiological   associations

fractal     memory  network

clusters  within  clusters   within  clusters   within  clusters

memory  associations(analogies)   at  the  story  level

layered  down  to  the  physicalsynaptic level

patterns  flowing   into  a   region of state

the  “strange attractor.”    such as –      the  result  of  a  google  search

who  was  the  movie  star   in   Prometheus  ?

the  question  ‘  who  am i ‘

would  be  the  strange  attractor

associatedfound  patterns   whirling   information(concept)   into  the  vortex

the  answer


wegemini  are in  the  chariotmind   pulled  by  2  spirited  horseshemispheres

one horse  named   And

the  other   Or

her  eyes made me forget





it  seems  like  i  have  2  equal  and  friendly  personas-natures

relating  directly  to  the  2  hemispheres

When  i  stop  my car  for  a  lady  to  cross  the  street ,

half  of  me  is  a  considerate  gentleman ,

the  other  half  of  me   is  checking  out  what  wiggles.





we  live  in  2   worlds

heaven   and  earth

the  world  of   Now   and  the  world  of   Time

Now   =    is   the  only  ‘place’  where  we  can  experience

Now    verbs  do  not  express  time

Time  =    things  and  events    in  Space-Time

Time  verbs  express  time


the   Now  ‘exists’  outside  of  Space-Time

Now  is  dimensionless

consciousness  does  not  have  a  location


i  believe  that  this  why  we  have  2  complimentary hemispheres

right  brain/mind    deals  with   Now

left    brain/mind    deals  with  events  in  time

melded  by  the  corpus  callosum


operating  in these  2  complimentary  worlds

we    experience     and     act


say  we  have  2  people  standing inside a big rubber  band

they   push  apart

creating  a  tension  or  pull

they  remain  separate  observers

but  share  an  equal  experience

this  shared  experience  is  the  interface  between  2  complimentary  pairs

yin     yang

consciousness    brain

Now       Time



3  dimensional  chess


the  2  hemispheres  of  our  brain  may  reflect  the  world  that  we  see .

matter  –  energy  ,        particle  –  wave  ,         digital  –  analog


the  left  brain   does  language  ,                        agent

the  right  brain  does   awareness  ,                   experiencer


the  Proto  Indo-Europeans  used  the

Present System  for  left    brain   verbal  expression

Aorist   perfect System  for  right  brain   verbal  expression


it  was  not  unusual  for  them  to  use  a  sentence  with  2  clauses

subordinate  clause    –    main  clause


one  clause  could  use  a  Present System  verb

the  other  an  Aorist  System  verb


in  one  sentence ,  they  could  convey  both  views


sort of    like  3  dimensional  chess



the  singular  Big Bang  is  to  the   billions  of  Black Holes

as   the  self          to  the  billions  of  neurons

universal  structures

simple  to  complex

complex  to  simple

no  Absolutes

no  start  or  finish  to  the  universe

but  Relativity


brain   ~   mind


brain  ~  consciousness


there  are  over   100,000,000   processors

at  the   small(100 neurons)   column  cortical  level

each  one  does  algorithms

input – processing – output

the  patterns  at  this  level

are  grandparents   to  the  central  executive  level


like  in  Apocalypse  Now

helicopters  saying         ‘ death from above ‘

well,   it  turns  out

it’s  death  from  both  ways



My  case  for  the  Vedic  Verb


Last spoken  3700  years ago,  Vedic  was a natural spoken language

with  no  cadence ,  with  word  accent

music  and  poetry   have  cadence

Classical Sanskrit  was  not a  spoken  vernacular  language

but  a  formal, literary,  poetic  language

with  cadence  and  no  word  accent

it’s  quite different from  a  vernacular  language  like  English

many  things  were  reduced  in  Classical

the  Aorist  and  the Perfect  systems  were  dropped.

And  when  they  used  the  Perfect  form,  it  was  changed  to  a  type  of  simple  past

The  Present  System   was  also  greatly  simplified,  by using  lots  of  participles

the  beautiful  complex  Vedic  verbal  system   was   destroyed

and  replaced  by  a  simpler  system of  participles  and  gerunds



i’m  making  the  case  that  the  Vedic  Verbal  system   was  rich  in  Information


i  see  the  Vedic  Verbal  system  as  representing  2  cognitive  systems

tense                time    of  event      ascending  time         imperfective

aspect              shape of  event      descending  time        perfective



Middle  voice     dealt  with  the  subjective  perspective

Active   voice     dealt  with  the  objective  perspective


in  the  old  days  they  may  have  distinguished   different  kinds  of  Past

before  today

today         the  18  hours  of  contiguous   awareness

this   18  hour  period  has  a  Past,  Present,  Anticipation

Meditative  period  of  say  30  minutes     ( Rig Veda )

this  30  minute  period  has  a  Past,  Present,  Anticipation

the  all  important  Working Memory  of   2  to  3   seconds

this  2  to  3  second  period  has  a  Past,  Present,  Anticipation

Working  Memory  can  stretch  out  the  Now  for  the  mind  to  work

the  sand  box  of  Consciousness , Awareness, Experience


now a days  we  see  events  happening  in  the  Future

We  go  to  the  events

in  Vedic  times  they  saw  events  coming  to  them  in  the  Now

anticipation  of  something  happening  here

they  didn’t  have  a    Future  Tense

but  the   subjunctive  ( expectation )


Tense  also  has  a  reference  point



Now  the  other  side  of  the  coin

Aspect  =   shape  of  an  event


The  human  mind  seems  to  see  7  distinctions

7   colors   in  the  spectrum

7   notes    in  the  scale

7   declensions  of  nouns


7   types   of  intelligence


  1.     Verbal-linguistic
  2.     Musical
  3.     Math- Logic
  4.     Athletic
  5.     Artistic


think in pictures

  1.     Social


understands   feelings  of  others

  1.      Self-awareness



aware  of  inner  activities



the  mathematics of the mind  should  be  built  around the  Octave

the  higher  levels   would  be  software

the  lower   levels   would  be  material

probably   7  levels   but  many  octives

crystalline one would think


where   the  harmonics  of  an  Octave

repeat in both directions

folding  back  onto  itself  eventually

13.7 billion light years away

each  octave  being  understood or  known  by  it  neighbor

patterns  within  patterns  within  patterns  within  patterns

the  piano  player  always  sits  at  the  middle of  the  Octaves

makes  you  wonder,,,   if  you   keep  going  in  both  directions

do  you   finally  get back to where you started


there  is  no  meeting  ‘place’

no   base

no  ultimate  explanation

no  there  there

but  a  continuum  of  some kind


there  probably   is  no  Theory of  Everything

no  pot  of  gold  at the end of  the  rainbow


life  is  not  sad  because  there  is  no  Santa Clausgod


life  is  exciting,   fun,   interesting


consciousness  adds  lightintelligence   to  the  material or  lower  levels


if  the  universe  is  a  collection  of  interrelatedharmonic  patterns

then  each  patterns’  imageoctave  may be  familiar   with   its   surrounding  patterns

close patterns   can  interface

in  hierarchy



assuming       there  are  different  kinds of    IQs

the  IQ  in     ‘ understanding the experience  you’re  in ‘

Jenna has  that    i think



possibly  7  distinctions  of    Aspect


  1. instantaneous       a  gun  shot       momentanious
  2. continuous
  3. end of  process                      i  divorced  her              fuzzy  until  divorce
  4. start of  process                     i  married     her            marriage  then  fuzzy
  5. iterative     repetitive     intensive
  6. change  of  state
  7. culmination         resulting state


the  Aorist  system  expresses   Aspect

i  add   that  the  7   classes  of  the  Present System

are  also  involved  describing  an  event


the  Aorist  is  a  right  brain  verbal  expression             perfective – Descending  time

the  Present System   is  a  left  brain  expression        imperfective –  Ascending  time


the  viewpoint  of  the  perfective  is  of  the  whole      complete

with  the  end points  of  the  event   in  view

the  viewpoint  of  the  imperfective  is  of  process

internal  stuff  of  an  event        the  event  boundaries  outside  of  view


the  Perfect

a   State  or  achievement

that  is  the  result  of     a  completed  past  event

i  ate(past tense)          says  that  i  ateprocess   at  some  time

i  have  eaten(perfect)     says  that  i  have  eaten  and  am  i’m  still  sitting  at  the  table

some  hubris

i  have  arrived        says  that  i  have  arrived  and  i’m  right  here



yin   yang


Yin           left    brain

Yang        right  brain


voice    decends   with   Yin

ascends   with   Yang





some statements


‘ those  2  nipples  are  a  pair ‘

can  be  verified


‘ there  is  a  ghost  in  that  house ‘

evidence  please

‘ there  is  life  after  death ‘

really  want  to  believe  in  this  one

god , send  me  a  sign

drop  those  panties



the center  of  the  universe


we  are  standing  at  the  middle

the  Universe  can  talk  to  us   from  2  directions

from  above

from  below

we  assume  that  (from above)  and  (from below)   had

starting  points

starting  places


many  philosophers  for-at-least 2400 years   disagree


Relativity    is  the  cool  philosophy

above  and  below  are  relative

no  matter   how  many  floors  the  elevator  takes  you

you’re   always  at  the  middle

as  with  Time

before  and  after   this  moment

we’re  always  at  the  middle




quantum,   atomic,   synapse,   neuron,

small column(100 neurons)         large column(100 small columns)


each  level  having  its  own  algorithms

interfaced  via  machine language      with  its  neighbor

simple  to  complex

or  is  it  complex  to  simple  ??

or  both ??

is  there  an  universal  structure  of  mind  ?

of  machine language

of  algorithms

emergent  from  physical   structurepatterns

this  is  really  fucking  with  my  mind



machinery of the mind


the  shape  of  information-patterns  is probably  done  at  the  molecular  level

several  layers  up ,  the   small  columns(100 neurons)

are  probably  the  prime   engines   of  the  patterns  of   mind

a  strange  combo  of    simple  to  complex

and  complex  to  simple

a  vector  on  up    to  the  central  executive   layer


bottom  up    and    top down

more   intelligence  at  the  top


patterns  on  one  level  have  an  harmonic

relationship  with  its  neighbours



the  physical  is  significantly   shaped  by  atoms  and  molecules

in  a  soup,   there  are  many  trillions  of  atoms  and  molecules

out  of  the  soup  of  billions  of  atoms

patterns  emerge


determines   a   basic  building  block   to  the  mind

its  patterns    reflecting     octavely     upward


a  Maserati   and  a  pinto

may  actually   emit  their  own   vibes


thingswords  do  not  have  a  soul

no  ultimate  reality

but  instead       fuzzy            did  she  say  yes ?

the  A.I.  people  define  things   as   patterns  of   processes

multilayered   processes  that  exist  in  an  orchestra

with  2  conductors

one  at  the  top

and  a   crap  ton   at  the  bottom



in  English   we  have  a  word   for   Wolf,     wolf

it  is  found in the dictionary   and  can be easily  retrieved  from  memory

in  Sanskrit   we  can  also  use  the  memory  form  of    vṛkṣa


Sanskrit  offers   more

you   can  also   refer  to  wolf  by  its  qualities

building  a  word   from  roots   on  the  fly

‘ a  scary  thing  with  big  teeth ‘

instead of being   restricted   by  your  memory  paradigms

you  can  think  more  outside of the box

think   more  consciously

instead  of  memorizing   vocabulary

build  a  word-phrase  from  a  root

focusing  more   on  roots   and   its  modifications

2  different  paths


the  stories  in the  Indo-European  languages   have  Heros

i  think  that  these   heroic  stories  originated  from  a  culture  where   Bards

went  around   entertaining   ( rapping )    like  rap  music

about  heros

the   Greeks  kept  more  of   the   cowboy  hero

consciousgod like  behavior  in the world

the   Indians   went  more  for   the   mental   hero

consciousgod like  experience  in the mind




(   theory    1)

is  that  3500 – 4500  years ago the human mind made a big change.

from     2   uncomplimentaryuncooperating  hemispheres

to   a   cooperating  team

a  mind  of  self chatter   and  polar  stimulation      +   –

this  change   was  initialized  by the Proto Indo-European  language

uniting   the  2  hemispheres

the  awareness  of  the  right  brain

lighting  up  the   language  of  the  left  brain

a  speaker  of  the  sentence  was  born

a   me

this  language  created a  new  Central Operating System in the brain-mind.

a single memory system, built  around a ‘me’

outside of this language, people’s minds  had   2  Operating Systems.

a    dosPC   on  the  left  side        a  Mac   on  the  right

2   different memory systems

each  unaware of the other.  ( like our dream memories )


the    Proto Indo-European   language was  the  softwarerunning on the brain

the  Present  verbal  System   is   of  the  left  hemisphere

the  Aorist     aware  System   is  of  the  right  hemisphere



(  second theory )

various philosophies suggest  that we can make  decisions

that  we can choose between  chocolate  and  vanilla

between a chaotic mind and a clear-alert mind

that   we can decide to lose weight

that   we  can    be  the     master of our  mind.

so,  why  can’t  people  lose  weight  ?


my theory,  is that there is no  ’captain of the ship ‘

no   decider   ‘ in  there ‘

there  is  nobody  in  there    looking  out  of  our  eyes

our   eyes  are  photon  receptors

sending  millions  of  pulses  through out  the  brain

neural   pulses  coming  in


language taught  to children         structure  the brain    as  a  language  machine

this   ‘ roaring ‘  language   engine   creates

the illusion  that   there  is  a  decider   ‘ in there ‘

and  that  this  mentallanguage  world  is  real


and  of course,    we  would  feel  that  world



(   third     theory )

the  world  can  be  looked   at     from    2    perspectives


cause  and  effect

linear      sequential

past  –  present  –  future    ( time )

more    noun    oriented

left   brain


things    happen

perception  –  experience

the   perspective   is   from   the   present  moment

more   verb   oriented

right    brain

Vedic  Sanskrit      had    2   cognitive systems

objective   world   was   described   with   the    Present  System

the  left-hemisphere  perspective

subjective   world   was   described   with  the   Aorist  System

the  right-hemisphere  perspective


the  Indo-European  language  may  have  opened  the  door  between

the  2  hemispheres ,  enabling  the  development  of  the  ‘ individual ‘

the  ‘ me ‘

Homo-sapiens   have  been  around  for  maybe  200,000  years.

the  minds  of  ancient  peoples   were  very  different  from  ours

the  Rig Veda  gives  us  a  glimpse  into  a  mind   around  4000  ago.

doesn’t  go  very  far  back   but   still  interesting


the  birth  of  the  ‘ individual ‘  may  have  something   to  do  with

the  experience  of  consciousness

existential  awareness

feeling  responsible

and  thinking  about ‘ me ‘




religious people  tend talk  of  the  capital  S    Self

my    Theory of  Mind     is  more  about  the  little   s   self



godconsciousness  created  the  world


consciousness  is  emergent  from  the  brain


these  2  positions  are  gross  oversimplifications

only  partially  helpful




the   Rig Veda   was    composed   at a special time

as  Indo-European  languages  spread  a  new  mental Operating System

whose  signature is  self chatter

brought  about a  mental paradigm shift

to  the  modern  mind


cooperating  hemispheres

relative         hemispheres




2 worlds

objective       ‘out there’

subjective      ‘in   there’         needs an ‘ awake me’


left  brain   perspective

the mind concerned with    ‘ outer things ‘     objects

right  brain   perspective

the mind concerned with    ‘ inner things ‘      now



the  theory  of  everything

matter   and   consciousness   be   2   sides  of  a  coin

and  the  coin   be   made  up  of  information

the  mind  interfacing  the  2

artificial  intelligence  may  have  the  capacity

to  figure  this  mystery  out



we  certainly   need   a   healthy  functioning  brain   to   ‘ feel  it ‘

scientific  instruments  can  pinpoint   the  prefrontal cortex  as  the  place

where  our  conscious  activities  takes  place

like  meditation,  mindfulness,  decisions,  planning,  making  sentences,  feeling  awake

our  brain  is   ‘ yin ‘            consciousness   ‘ yang ‘

a  polar  pair



the  Octave

the  brain

likes  to  distinguish    7s

7    rainbow  colors

7    notes  of  scale

7     declensions

7    digit  phone number

7   aorists

7    present  system   classes

1,    4,     6

2,    3,     7,       5 and 9                no         8  and  10    in  Vedic


trying to discover  the  7  distinctions  of the present system   seems  reasonable

each  class   probably  having  its   own   semantic  color

the  aorist  and  present system   are  probably  processed  in  the  working memory

( equating    the  7  thing  with  working memory )

sentences  coming up from the subconscious   are  processed  differently

the  working memory  constructs  conscious   sentences  or  phrases

we  think in  phrases


Vedic  verbs  are  unique  in  that  they  are  difficult  to   memorize

there  are  too  many  verbal   variations   (thousands)

especially   if  you  were  to  say   anything  very  meaningful

phrases ,  particularly  verbs      need  to be  created-constructed   when  spoken

Vedic  can  also  be  used  as   a  Conscious  language

the  prefrontal cortex  needing  to  be  engaged

as  opposed  to the subconscious  being  the  generator  of  thoughts



working  memory      –         memory in the   CPU       –     immediate   memory

short  term  memory   –       memory  in        RAM       –      today

long  term   memory   –       memory   on      Hard Drive


i  believe  that  in  our  prefrontal cortex,   we  have   special  function

known  as  Working Memory.   At  its  core  is  the  Central  Executive

this  is  where  we  can  consciously  make  sentences

where    we   can  experience  being  Awake

where   we  meditate

a  subject  of  ancient    Aryan   poetry,  i  believe

–  4500 years  ago –


some  human  experiences   are  equivalent   –  such  as

when  the  mind  is    [ quiet,  alert,  aware ]     in  the   here  and  now     kind of thing

we    share   some   common  experiences

universal  human   experiences ,      states  of  mind

that  the   Rig Veda  is  describing   some   common-universal   experiences

is  reasonable  because     they ,    i  think ,    are  describing

states  of  mind

such  as  a   special   state  of  mind

and  one  shared  by   humans  of  all  times

simply                       being   consciously  awake    in  the  Present  Moment

it    by-passes      beliefs ,  descriptions ,   and   interpretations

this  clean  ‘state  of  mind‘  is    basic  philosophy,    psychology,    meditation

a   basic  human  experience ,   enhanced   with   regular  meditation

this  could  be  the  rosetta stone  into  the  proto-indo-european   mind

a  mind  that   change   the    world



i  might  say  a  phrase

‘  i  like  your  foibles ‘

it  feels  like  the  meaning  of  the  phrase  goes  with  it

but    actually   little  information  actually goes  with  the  symbols

my  immensely  complex  mental  system   says   this

spitting  out  a  simple  set  of  symbols

i   send  it   to   you

your  complex  mind  generates    your  meaning   of  the  symbols

our  minds  are  different

as  with  boy  and  girl


2   communicating   computers  use   web browsers   to  do  the  work  on  both  ends

one  receives   the   symbols  and  builds   up  the  intention

unlike  humans ,    the  web browsers   are  identical

the  more  unlike  2   mind-structures   are

the  more  difficult   the  understanding

if  the  Rig Veda  is  talking  about  a  natural  state  of  mind

the   meditative   state  of  mind   (  quiet,  alert, aware ) in the  present  moment – kind of thing

not    phraseswords

then  the   Rosetta  Stone  analogy   might  work



everytime I close my eyes,  it’s like a dark paradise

Antonella      Del  rey


it’s  Sunday afternoon  and  the  cat  starts  yowling  and  yowling

at   the  smell  of  marijuana.

because  he  knows  the next  thing  coming

is  a  can  of  that  gravy  shit



Vedic   and  classical Sanskrit  are  different

Vedic  is  a  natural  spoken language

no  cadence  but  with  accents

Classical Sanskrit         is  not  vernacular

but   formal,   poetic,  academic

with  cadence   but  no  accents

no  perfective

much reduced



a  verb   has   many  variations

prefix          augment

root                      internal  ablout          strong-weak         reduplication

derivational  stem  suffixes

thematic      a

voice                                                 3 voices

moods                                              5   modes

person    number      sex                  9   persons,   3  numbers,  3  sexes

present  –  aorist  –  perfect               7  presents,   7  aorists,     1  perfect



The  sheer  number  of  combinations   suggest  that  a  verb  must  be     constructed

on  the  fly  –   consciously                    not   from  memory

speaking  Vedic   took  effort  ,   presence   and   education

there  are  well  over  2000  letter combinations with  verbs

to  express  her  wiles

to  get  passed        ‘ see  spot  run  ‘

took  an  education



our  thoughts  may be tricking us



the   real  world

unattainable  for  now

is  promised




a  world without  sexy  women  ~  would be bleak




is  there  a  soul  ‘ in there ‘    looking out  of  the eyes

and directly  experiencing  the world

or   is    information,  in  the  form  of  photons

entering   the  eye  and  going  through numerous  neurons and  synapses,

cognized  in some way  by the brain  and  ’seen’  moments  later

synapses  have  molecules  moving  through  liquid  (delay)

so  instead  of direct experience,  there  is  a  delay

an hundred mph  baseball   is  really   some  inches  ahead  of  where  it’s  seen

the brain  has   neural lag

to  Experience  you  need  a  working  brain

hundreds of millions  of  firing  neurons

how could  direct experience be possible ?

ancient  philosophers   described  ‘  experience ‘

in   various  ways ,   in   mistaken  ways

not  knowing   that  they  were  having   an  experience

generated  by  the  brain-mind

–        saying   that   you   are  having  an  experience  outside  the  working  brain  –

well      –  there   is   zero  proof   that  this  can  happen  –

could it be  50 – 50  ?

the  brain  will  always be  a  few  steps behind   the  present  moment

it  sure  seems  like  we  are  looking  out  of   our  eyes

philosophers   of  old  mistakenly   thought  this

but   science  tells  us   that   the  eyes  are  receptors

this  process   of  seeing   has  been  thoroughly   studied  and  is   well  understood

there  are  thousands  of  pictures  of   the  brain   areas  that

are  involved  in the prossess  of  seeing

without  these  active  brain  areas,   there  is  no  seeing

the  religious philosophies  built  with  this  error  ,   should  give  pause

some  religious   people    are   saying     that

the  earth  was    created   6000 years  ago

science   says  the  earth  is   around  5  billion  years  old

there   are  profound  differences  between

a philosophy-psychology  based  on  the principle  that   there   is

someone ‘ in there ‘ looking  out  of  our  eyes

and  a  philosophy-psychology  based  on  science


the  older parts  of  the Rig Veda ,  I think ,  have  an  unique   perspective

without  defining  or  speculating   ( or  making the above error ) ,  they  sought

happiness  and  health   of  a  clear-alert  mind    through  meditation

their  meditation  uses the  working  memory  of  our  prefrontal cortex

for  conscious  thought   and  experience

so instead  of  shooting  for  the  direct experience  of  ‘  Now  ‘   ( or  an explanation )

we  might  seek  the happiness  given  by   the  little     n     ‘  now  ‘

provided  by   a  clear ,  alert ,  focused  mind   in   meditation

nothing  supernatural,   no promises of  life  after death,   just  clean experience

using   a  regular practice

voicing   the   desire  and  respect  for   meditation


for  those believing  in  science   this  theory  of   older  Vedic  thought  has  potential




if         consciousness   is  separate   from   matterbrain

then      a  silicon  based  systemcomputer

should  be  able  to  use  consciousness

much  as  our  carbon  based  systems  do


if    mind  is  where   matter  and  consciousness   meet

if   this  information  systemmind   has  universal   structure

then      computers   will    meet  consciousness

much  as  we  do


the  interfacebridge   between   matter  and  consciousness

would  have  similar  formstructure



It’s a new day, and every potentiality is available to you now !

It’s a new day, and you are no longer IN the past experiences that brought pain.

You are here, now, beautiful, capable and amazing.

Let your focus stay on this moment and all of the percolating possibilities that await.

Thoughts of doubt and fear and  not good enough    are like little threads or

tethers to that heavy weight you have held.

When a fearful thought comes,

see yourself cutting the thread to it, let it go, and remember again,

i am here now.

It is not possible to re-live then,

so with what that  “then”  taught me,  what do i want now ?

What will i focus on now ?

And wow – it’s a new day !

Dawn  Torres



Information  Theory   talks  about  how     information

has  a  life  and  energy  of  its  own

ideas  (  packages  of  information,  memes )  when  successful

can  live and  replicate  in  many  minds   for  years

how  many  words, sentences  and  ideas  of  mine  are  memes


living  in  the  world  of  language   may  be  inauthentic

the  present  moment  may  be  the  glowing  jewel  for  an  authentic  experience

not  quite   the  direct  experience  of  Now      but


the  brain  is  much  too  active  for  a person   to  stay focused

in  the  present  moment  for  long

too much control  may even be unhealthy  for  the  brain  and mind

the  Rig Veda  talks  about   a   regular  Meditative  practice  where

the  glowing  jewel  of  happiness,  health  and  clarity   can  be  enjoyed

and  one  can  authentically  be

alert ,  aware ,  in the  moment ,  without  thoughts


the  fool   who  wants  to know

should  trust  whom ?



i  am  a  plagiarist



your  eyes  are  not  blue


there  are  no  colors  out  in  world

the  sun  emits  electromegnetic  wavesparticles

that  bounce  off  things

that  what  was  bounced

enters  the  eyes   hitting   rods  and  cones

tri-sensored cones  transduce

electromagnetic  wavesparticles   to  neural  pulses

which  are  sent  to  areas  in  the  posterior  cortex

where  colors  are   generated


we  are  seeing  a  colorless  world

as  it  was  a  quarter of a  second  ago

with  neural  lag ,  it’s  never  live ,  never  immediate

it  takes  time  for our  senses  to be cognized   in  the  brain

through  cells ,  synapses  ,  membranes ,   molecules  traveling  through  liquid

how  can  direct  experience  be  possible ?

if  you  see  a  jet  airliner  go  by

it’s  actually  some  distance  ahead  of  where  you  see  it.





a   liar     is  different  from  a   bullshitter


a  Liar   knows  the  truth

and  wants  to  deceive  you


a  Bullshitter   is  unconcerned   about  truth  or  untruth

his  intention  is  to   impress

uses  obscuration

fakes  stuff


misrepresents  what  he’s  up  to

leads  astray

paints  an  insincere   picture  of  himself  to  another  person   in  words.


i  suspect  that  we  are  50 – 50

left  brain  dealing  in  truth – untruth

right  braing dealing  in  bullshit



say   there  is  a     cat ,  dog,  and   hummingbird    in  the  back  yard

the  cat  is  sitting  and  the  dog  is  running  around

which   2   animals  are  most  alike

dog – cat                         based  on  looks

dog – hummingbird         based  on  behavior


in  a  complex  system  like the brain

where  trillions  of  synaptic actions  happen  every second

there  surely  is  a  hierarchy  of  machinery

some  molecular

some  inbetween

some  at  story  level


to  determine  a  specific  state  of  mind

say  of  meditative  focus

would  be  fairly  easy

with  the  ‘ attractorchaos ‘

being  a  simple  focus  of  awareness


but   say      of  a  run  of   subconscious  thought

where  predictive   outcomes   are  most  difficult

crap  tons   of   difficult   dynamic    chaos – complexity – feelings


designing  an  ‘attractor’  for  meditation

( a  swirling   implosion  to   consciousness,  to  light,  to  awakesimplicity )

say        of  a  clear  mind

an  awareness  of  being awake  in the conscious  mind

is  solid

a   Vortex   to   simplicity   and   pleasantness




The  Brick  Wall


as  you  keep  going  smallerelectons

you  don’t  eventually  get  to a  brick wallgod

as  you keep  going  largercosmos

you  don’t eventually   get  to a  brick wallgod

there  is  no  absolute  ‘there’       no  Theory of Everything

no  ‘this is it’   inside  the  Big Bang   or  Black Hole

no   ultimate  meaning  underlying  this  universe

but   smaller  eventually  runs  into  larger   (relativity)

when  you  fall into a black hole

you may  pop  out(or get pooped out)  into  the  cosmos  as  an  Hydrogen   atom

possibly  between  the  Andromeda  galaxy   and  the  Milky Way

maybe  you  get  pooped  out  of the  Big  Bang   13.81  billion  light  years  away

time  has    no  beginning            no  ending



out  of  the  Big  Bang       into  a   Black Hole

out  of   a    Black Hole     into the  Big Bang




Vedic verbs


2 minds





universal  time –  things  happen in this world whether  we’re  here  or  not

inner  personal   time –   the  only  real  experience  is  in  the  present  moment

the  world  seen  from  my  waking  moment

experience  felt   from  this  waking  moment


time ,  aspect , mood   may be represented  differently  regarding    the    2  views     2minds


some  describe  the  Vedic   verbal  system   as  having

2 tenses

past    –    non-past

3  aspects

perfect  –  retrospective – state

aorist    –   perfective  –    completed  event

imperfective   –   present, imperfect   –    incomplete, continued, repeating  events

4 or 5  moods

indicative,   imperative,   injunctive,   optative,   subjunctive

2 or 3  voices

active,     middle,     passive    is probably a function of middle class 4



nouns     represent   descriptions    of   different  types of  individuals  and  substances

verbs      represent   descriptions    of   different  types  of   situations-events



a    root            has  a  large    scope             a general  meaning

affix,   suffix,   ablaut, ,    causative,     desiderative,   intensive,    voice

brings   intention   to focus         restricts   meaning      but

without   knowing   Vedic context        good  luck    finding  what  was  Meant

how  would you know,  if you found  the correct   context.

the  older  half  of  the  Rig Veda   gives  an obscure      context



the  language of a culture   probably  has  a  threshold   for   major  changes

the  threshold  was   probably  met      after  so  many  generations

changes  happened   rapidly  and

then  things  remained  stable   for  some  generations



unlike  monkeys,  we  have  2   cognitive  systems  ,    each  to its  hemisphere

hierarchical   and   heterarchical    thought

we  are  able  to  understand  the  information  in  a  pattern

symbolize   it

use  that  symbol   in  a  sentence

use  that  sentence  in  a  paragraph

use  that  paragraph  in  a  book

use  that  book

use  cultural   knowledge

and   judge  its  value



kṛ                                               cit

present stem                                      aorist stem                                   perfect stem

present                                     kṛ-ṇo-ti                        —-                       ci-ket-a

past                                          a-kṛ-ṇo-t                    a-kar-t                   a-ci-ket-t

injunctive                                  kṛ-ṇo-t                        kar-t                      ci-ket-t

subjunctive                               kṛ-ṇav-a-t (i)              kar-a-t (i)               ci-ket-a-t (i)

optative                                    kṛ-ṇu-yā-t                   kur-yā-t                  ci-kit-yā-t

imperative                                kṛ-ṇu-hi                      kṛ-dhi                      ci-kid-dhi


ablout       internal  vowel   change,  indicating         aspect

zero  grade           kṛ             present / imperfect

guna                     kar           aorist

vṛitti                      ke             perfect


zero              a,  –                       i,  ī                          u,   ū                        ṛ,   ṛṛ

guna             a,  ai                     ai   (e)                     au    (o)                    ar

vṛddhi             ā,  āi                     āi   (ai)                    āu    (au)                  ār


in Vedic     e = ai                       o = au                    ai = āi                   au – āu





probably will happen,     let it happen,  may it happen,   desire,

wish,    want,   command,   request,  advice,  a direction,  shall,  should,

might,  must

probability    possibility    necessity

( speakers attitude )  to the content  of a  proposition  or  possible worlds

language doesn’t  just  pinpoint and relate sitituations  but

can  propose  multiple   possible  situations


the  indicative   is  probably  dealing  with  the  objective   world

the  other   moods   are  more    subjective         personal



subjunctive                        in assertive  clauses

expresses  future  probability

probable  state  of  affairs

doubts,   fears,   predictions,   hypothetical or guarded  statements



is a finite verb whose only grammatical features are

aspect               present / aorist / perfect

voice                 middle / passive

person / number          with secondary, non-present endings

not marked   for   tense / mood


completed action irrespective of tense or mood

usually  in  main clause        that

follows  a verb ( in subordinate clause ) that gives  tense / mood

except for     prohibitions  with       mā

injunctives don’t occur by themselves,  they follow  tense / mood  verbs

rarely  in  subordinate  clauses

rarely  in  recent past

tense / mood  is supplied by Context or other words


ca          can join different verbs in same  tense/mood

or       same  verb   with different  tense/mood

but      injunctive   can  conjoin  with  different  verbs in any tense/mood

imperfect  advances  narrative,  injunctive   tells  ‘wrong’  sequence




command,    requests,    prohibitions


wishes,    choices,    preferences


make statements,    recount facts,



a single event,  repetitive, continual,  instant,  duration,   finished,

witnessed,  remote,  simple,  complex,  temporary, permanent

recent,    immediate,  just happened,  state a fact,



now a days,       we   see   Time in terms of    ‘ past,  present,  future ‘

linguists say,     Aryans   saw  Time in terms of    ‘ past  and non-past ‘

but      say

‘ it’s always been now and will always be now ‘

then  the  only ‘ time ‘  is  now

the  past  may be more like  a  memory ,  not  a  different  time

they  might  be using  2  different  time  systems

universal    (  there  is  one  time  in the universe )             objective

mental       (  time  is  seen  as  the  present moment )      subjective


the  modern  Linguistic  concept of time may be regarded  as a path structure,    i.e.

as  a structure  consisting  of a strictly ordered  infinite  set of immediately adjacent intervals,

all of which  are connected by one and only one sub path

directed     –    only  one direction


Descending time

start time is  now

i am a point of being    –      time moves past me.

things  happen  ‘now’       and   become memories

the time that operates in the mind

our memory records the passing parade of life

passive        experiences      drifts   further and further into the past

desiring  an  event  to be

events  are  relevant only to the time of mental functioning

to time that is internal to the mind

time that is contained in the event

Vedic  used   Descenting  time   in  the  subjective  world     ( aorist       system )

Ascending   time   in  the  objective   world      ( present    system )


Ascending  time

start    time   was   13.81      billion years  ago

an event has begun  in past  –  eventually  comes to completion  in future

i  will  reach the end of my life

i am   moving across the back ground of time

active       imagining  events in the future

time outside the functioning mind

universal time —  running to  ‘infinity’  in both directions

time that contains the event

universal time

there is one time in the universe

this time flows the same for everyone



descending time

everyone has their own time

this      moment   is  personal and private


i bet that there’s been  lots of people  through  the  years

who’ve  wondered  about  shit    like  this

after  they’ve  smoked  some  weed

really,  I  do  believe   that  there  have  been  many





i  do  not  believe  in  God

or  that  there’s  an  ultimate  answer  to  Life, the Universe,  and  Everything

or  there’s  a  pot of  gold  at  the  end  of  the  rainbow

or  an      ultimate  explanation

or  an      ultimate  meaning  to  this  universe

no      Theory of Everything

there  is  no  inner  absolute   there  there

i  believe  in  Relativity

a  dual  universe

brain   and   consciousness




Tense and Aspect   –   are  fundamentally  different  cognitive systems

different way of representing activities .

different mental  systems  or  stratified mental  constructions



the time  an action  takes  place,    often  relating   to present moment

Vedic  may  have  maybe   2  tenses        Past   —   non-Past

English  has  3  tenses.    past – present – future



probably 3

perfect –      state  ,  retrospective

imperfect –  ongoing

aorist  –       completed

not concerned with placing  events on a time line, rather

makes  distinction about  kinds of actions

progressive,  punctual,  habitual,   state,  achievement


ongoing,  habitual,   may be simultaneous or overlapping


strict   sequence,   one event must be completed before the next

a  state or condition  that was caused  by a previously  completed  event


recently  completed  event  as  seen  from   the   present moment




relate  facts  and objective  statements

fuck  suffering

fuck  suffering



expresses   probable    happenings

probable  state  of  affairs

doubts,   fears,   predictions



hypothetical   or   contrary-to-fact

wished,     choices,     preferences



commands,   requests,     prohibitions



tenseless,  moodless

a completed action

complements and follows  a verb that  gives   time / mood

quite  mysterious

maybe  having  something  to do  with  the  ‘ present  moment ‘

a  lot  of  this  has  been  written  while  stoned




once    you  leave   the  present  moment   and  dive  into  language

you  find  yourself   in   the  world   of

a brain-mind  structured   and  programmed   by  culture

human  traits   inherited   from  evolution   and  natural  selection

can  philosophy  be   done  in  language  ?


a  loaded  or religious question  like ‘ do you believe  in  god ? ‘

one  might  answer  ‘  i   neither  believe  nor  disbelieve  in   x  ‘


smokin’  weed  and  meditating  on  Sundays

is my favorite time  now

back  when  my  testosterone levels  were  higher

lovin’  was  my  favorite  time






before  Nietzsche  most  westerners  had  one  view  of  the  self

an  eternal  soul

that  leaves  the  body  at  death

the  soul  was  put  here  by  god

for  a  purpose

but  what  if  this  is  bunk

existentialists  posit  a  person , one  day ,

waking  up  and  becoming  aware  of  her  existence

with  no  clue  of  purpose or  meaning

Nietzsche  might  say    ‘  how  you  feel  is  your  responsibility ‘

Dawn  might  say       ‘   don’t   shrink  in  that  chair,  grow  a  pair ,  stand up

and  do  somethingpositive  exciting ‘

paraphrasing  of course



it is life living itself, ongoingly relating with what is and what is perceived to be…




music, mathematics, quantum mechanics  have   structure

quarks and atoms have a universal structure

information should  have  a universal  structure

as  software runs on a computer

the  mind  runs  on the brain

the  mind  should  have  a  structureas does software

built  around  a  universal  information matrix-fabric

probably  involving the Octave

an  Artificial Intelligence or an Alien’s  mind  should be similar to ours

because it would have to fit the structure of mind

this  would  give  Jung’s  ‘collective unconscious’  some  juice



that  moment  when all  is  quiet  and   still

our  only  soundtrack  is  heartbeat  and  breath




2    types of verbs

State     –   perfect     (state of being)  ( completed action, still relevant )  looking back


Event    –   perfective – aorist   ( completed action, an entire process )

–    imperfective   –  present tense – imperfect tense

( ongoing, repeated, habitual   action )


Primary  verbs –   from roots

Secondary  verbs  –   from root stem  –  from nouns –  Present System verbs

causative, intensive, desiderative, denominative

not conjugated  in the  Subjunctive or Optative  moods


binary opposition

present vs. past

subjective proximate vs. objective proximate

narrative vs. statement of fact

active voice  –    middle voice


objective       vs.    subjective

imperfective  vs.   perfective

order            vs.    chaos

multi-layer  linear  control    vs.    association         connectable  patterns


primary vs. secondary endings

mi,  si,  ti      —–    m,    s,    t




immediately before or after now

now relating  to events  in this waking   day

now   relating to events in my  life time

objective time           linear

subjective time          in the mind       is seen from now      from speaker

time parameters       (  Reichenbach  )

  1. E   –     event  time,   the time during which the event unfolds –  run  time
  2. R   –     reference  time,   the  time  referred  to –  spoken  about
  3. P   –     perspective  time,  the  ‘ now ‘  point  –     evaluation  time
  4. S   –     speech  time,   the actual  moment of utterance


present           E    included  in   R,      P   included in   R

past  perfect           E   precedes  R    precedes  P

present  perfect           E   precedes  R,    P   is included in  R

imperfect           R   precedes  P

aorist            E   precedes  Rr

r =   ?  recent past     current  relevance        resultive


‘ Julia  arrived ‘                    simple  past

‘ Julia   has  arrived ‘           present  perfect

you   would  think  that  there  were  only  2  time  parameters

Event Time   and  Speech Time

but no,  there  is a third.    Reference  Time  (  time spoken about )

‘ Julia arrived ‘               happened  before  Speech Time

E and R  precedes  S

‘ Julia  has  arrived ‘       happened  before  and  overlaps  with  Speech Time

E   and  R   includes  S

‘ At midnight last night,  Julia arrived, kissed Margaret, had a glass of wine, and went to bed.

E  times  are  included  in R  time


Aspect   =   a type of relation  between   E    and   R

Tense    =                     “                          R    and    P / S



Present     P   includes   R       evaluation / perspective  time    includes    reference  time

Past            R   precedes  P


Imperfective    (  present,  imperfect past )   R    includes   E

Perfective  ( aorist )       E   includes  R        event time  includes  reference time

Anterior   ( perfect )       E   partially  includes  R

Neutral                          R   overlaps  E



Present tense  and  Aorist  aspect   are rarely  used together


A  very  meaningful   phrase   needs   both   Aspect   operators   and   Tense operators


the   Perfect  is not used for  narration       because

R    is included  in   P

even though the  Perfect  places  an event in the past,

a sequence of perfects  cannot provide the secessions of    R   times  that

(drives the narrative forward)  because the R times  overlap

one  event  does not precede  the other –  they  share  same  P  time

the   Imperfect   is  used  for  narration

each   past  tense   has  its  own   R   time

they   all   precede     P

each  reset  R  time   includes  a  new  E   time  –  successive  events

the  Imperfect  is  also used  for  ‘ remote past ‘ ,   elsewhere


the   Aorist    is  restricted  to  recent  past  in virtue of  its  resultative  meaning


Aorist   is  restricted  to telic  ( complete )  verbs,        resultative in character,       E  precedes   R

you can make an  atelic  verb   Aorist   by  adding   s    –       s  aorist   –   perfectivizing


Verb  roots  can be grouped  into  3  Aktionsart  types

  1. Resultative  ( aorist )    accomplishment        achievement

vṛt      turn                     vṛdh     grow             sthā    stand up         skand   leap

krand   cry out               hṛ    take                  bhū    become           dyut     flash

bhī    become scared    budh   wake up        vap   strew

jan   be born                  ram   calm  down     tyaj   leave


  1. Irresultative              state                 process

as    be                           vas    dwell                śī    lie                         ās    lie

īṣ      move                      iṣ   desire                  bhā   shine                  vā   blow

rud   weep                      plu   float                   jiv   live


  1. Resultative / irresultative

bhar    bring, carry        kram   step             ruh   climb         dhāv   run          pū   cleanse



aspectual  contrast  between  Aorist  and  non-aorist  Injunctives    appears  in prohibitions

preventive  prohibitions   take       Aorist  injunctive

inhibitive    prohibitions   take        Present / Imperfect   injunctive


mā    parā   gās

don’t  go  away        addressed  to someone  who  is  present

  1. inj.

akṣai:    mā   dīvyas

don’t  gamble  ( any more )     addressed  to a gambler





Grammatical  aspect

Defines    time flow    of  event or state   from point of view  of speaker

is it bounded ( beginning and end ) , without reference to time flow during situation.

she spanked me          aorist

or  unbounded  with reference  to time flow  during  situation

she  was spanking me  –  she  used to spank me        imperfect


Lexical  aspect


A | B ———–C————D | E


A     subject   in a position                 before    event   (  prospective aspect )

B     subject   in a position at the beginning  of event  ( inceptive aspect )

C     subject     with event                       in progress   ( progressive  aspect )

D     subject     in position  of completing  the event    ( perfective  aspect, aorist )

E      subject  in a position    after     event                  ( perfect-retrospective  aspect )



English                 aspect                                 non-past                                past tense


performative                                 i speak                                         i spoke

progressive                                  i am  speaking                              i  was  speaking

retrospective                                i have spoken                                i had spoken

prospective                                  i will speak                                      i would speak


tense  systems represent past and future as  Universe Time

vast stretches of time that contain   events


aspect   represents  past  and future  in terms  of   Event  Time

time   with-in  the      Event


present  Perfect  aspect,     event  represented by the past participle  only indicates

a past event   because it is seen retrospectively  from  the  Present


past  tense ,  on the other hand,   represents  event  contained  in past time

is  separate and apart from  the  Present




universal time,     time that contains the Event

location in time

characterizes  the narrated event with reference to the speech event

tenses  are  typically  deictic  ‘ depends on context for meaning ‘

in that   they relate time points to a moment of speech



is  not  concerned with relating the time of the situation to any other  time-point

but  rather  with the internal  time  with-in   event     –     Event Time

time  contained  in the  Event

characterizes  the narrated  event without  reference to speech event

nature of action – kind of action


describes manner in which an   action – change of state – condition

is regarded by the speaker

time that is contained in the Event

relationship between described situation and  time spoken about

speakers perspective on the internal time structure of a situation

type of action


temporal   structure

perfective aspect  —  completed situations

imperfective aspect  —  in progress  situations


own 3 slaves,      have known  32  ladies

*       change of state

fight       –   process

defeat   –   change-of-state             has a  completion

*      dynamic —  progress through time

hate     –     state               remains  constant

walk    –     dynamic          evolves  through time

often  used  with  adverbs  like  ‘ quickly ‘

*      punctual  —  instantaneous

come,  win    –     durative          achievement

astonish        –     punctual         instantaneous  achievement

*     single event

know     happens   once

kiss       happens  frequently



relation between reference time and event time

tense  —  between  reference time and local evaluation time

  • Imperfective aspect( present,   imperfect )

Reference time includes event time

‘ when I knocked on the door,  she was masturbating ’

‘ when I was reading, she entered’

‘ he is dying ‘      action occurring  in the present or in the past

  • Perfective aspect ( aorist )

Completed event  before speech time, but still holds

Event time included in reference time

‘ i married  her    but   later  went  somewhere  else ’

‘ he likes women who have winked at him’

‘ to die ‘       action as a whole         an occurrence in the past

  • Perfectaspect          ( perfect )

Event time partially precedes or co-exists with reference time

‘ I have made  love  with  her,  but  now  it’s  someone  else ’

‘ the adulterer must have entered, using the back door’

‘ she started walking because she was late’

‘ to be dead ‘          occurred  and effecting the present

  • Neutral aspect

General overlap between event time and reference

‘ while he was dying,  his gaze fell on her  breasts ’

‘ suddenly I knew that something was wrong’


The action of a verb can be seen from different perspectives


Subjective         the feelings of a subject

prospective – introspective – retrospective

usually      Perfect


Objective           ingressive – progressive – egresive

seen  in its continuity,  at some point in its development

initial point end point ,   took place once or repeated

had an end or result

can be complete or incomplete, durative, inchoative, cursive,

terminative  or  iterative,  habitual,  intensive


meaning  =  layers  of     form  and  function

meaning  not only comes from verb form but also    Context



aspectual meaning may depend on





meaning of the verb-stem itself

adverb-prepositional modifiers

transitive –  intransitive

secondary verb-stems,      causative – denominative – desiderative – intensive


4   functions

recent  past                          main  clause         in the indicative

relating  to prior  event          in  subordinate  clause

statement  of fact                 usually with imperfects  in reporting  narration

with injunctives   in  mentioning

perfective  aspect ,  telic,   completed event    –    in  non-finite and modal verb forms

non-finite =  not limited  by a subject

missing-  tense / aspect / mood / number / gender / person

can’t  stand alone as  main verb

infinitives , participles , gerunds,     ‘ing

such as        to do,    doing



aorist and perfect       divide   the readings of the  English perfect

  1. Resultative:           She  has  caught  the  flu.                                         ( aorist )
  2. Universal:              I  haven’t  had  any  nookie  in  5  years.                      ( perfect )
  3. Existential:             Jack  has been to  Tibet.                                           ( perfect )
  4. Recent past:         She  has woken up  in  this  bed  at age  39.           ( aorist )
  5. Stative  Present:    I’ve  got (= I have)  something to tell  you.                  ( perfect )


  1. Resultative     reading      also  called   state  reading

accomplishment    predicates        such  as    catch,   hide

consists  of an activity  leading to a change of state

achievement     predicates                          die,  arrive

denotes  an  event  consisting  of a  change of state

‘ I have finally  realized that she was a lesbian. ‘


  1. Existential   reading      also known as the   experiential  reading

is obtained  when the whole event denoted by

a continuing ( atelic ) or repeated ( telic ) events      are  contained  in   E

Jack  visited  Tibet  one or more times  during a period  E

extending  from some past time up to time  R,  but not currently visiting

‘  i’ve  often thought that she was a lesbian ‘


  1. Universal   reading     or  continuing reading

i continue to know Rebekah  from  2011 up to  R

needs an  adverb      always,  since

‘ i’ve  always known that she was a lesbian ‘


  1. Recent past

situates an event at a time which verges on P time

and locates  the result state at  P


  1. Present  state

reference  interval is included  in the resulted state

change of state is not assigned a time  but remains implicit



Perfect        anterior  aspect

partially precedes – co-extensive   with  Reference Time

overlaps  with  speech time          ‘ she arrived ‘

past perfect   selects a past time  as its evaluation time

present perfect    reference time overlaps with evaluation time

past completed action    still   relevant


situation that is obtained as a result of an event

aspectually  stative and presuppose a prior  event.

a state  or  achievement    resulting  from a previous  event

actions of varying completion that in some manner affect the present

completed action with a continuing effect



achievement verb  –  stative presents

predicates only the state itself, not the change of state that brought it about

has   strictly  present time  reference

coordinated  with  present tense verbs

imperfects  denote  individual / collective ( single-event )  continuing

perfects  denote   distinct multiple events

stative  presents   such as

veda,  ciketa  ‘ knows ‘  ( from vid, cit  ‘ find out ‘ ),    jujoṣa  ‘ enjoys ‘,      cakāna  ‘ likes’,

bibhāya  ‘ fears ‘,            taṣṭhau  ‘ stands ‘,               śiśrāya  ‘ rests on “,

dadhāra  ‘ holds ‘,           ānaśa  ‘ has ‘,                     babhva   ‘ is ’


yabhyate      is-fucked

yabh      fuck         yabhyate             intransitive ?



a  completed  event   as  opposed  to a divided event

has boundaries –  discrete – completed events  located in the immediate  past

situations  included in reference time

doesn’t refer to time of action, instead  describes  action’s state of completion or singularity

a completed, singular action

has  no  part that is outside the reference time

event  has been terminated prior  to speech time

no exact notion  of  duration

event happened at some indefinite time in the past

punctual,    monentary,  instantaneous

to see – to look,   to find – to search,    to hear – to listen

first one is Aorist – singular, momentary, finite action, a beginning and end

second on is  Imperfect – ongoing process, repeated, habitual

cannot be isolated to one moment or action

reference time is contained in the event

emphasizes  a state resulting from the completion  of event, still holds at speech time

event time    cannot  last longer then  reference time



The Vedic Aorist often expresses actions or processes ‘which have occurred

in the past with reference  to the present.

Immediate past

Not so much ‘I did the action but I was effected by the action.

Imperfect — continuance

Perfect – completeness

Aorist   deals with neither  continuance or completeness

rarely  state or activity verbs  or change-of-state  or imperfective

momentaneous,  no durational – punctual-factual,  single event

perfect  —  state a fact

aorist  —  statement of fact        proximate past

imperfect  —  narration          distant past

aorist inj.  Prohibitive —   situation stops before now

present inj.  Prohibitive  —   situation  stops  in the present

is the meaning of a sentence, determined by its constituents ??

tense, aspect, mood   are prime constituents

desiderative   are usually  state  verbs , having few Aorist stems

past progressive    reference time  included in event time

‘ I was winning the race ‘

Simple past           ‘ I won the race ‘


Present system

ongoing  action,    not complete,  durative,  continuative

does not say anything about its completed nature

in the old days        each Class probably had its own aspectual significance

thematic       1,  4,  6

athematic      2,  3,  5,  7,  9               5 and 9   may be sisters

Class  3       may signify   the       iterative

jigāmi          i make step after step       i am walking



accented  nouns

strong declensions =   nom.    acc.

weak  declensions =    inst.     dat.     abl.    gen.   loc.

if   noun has  ‘ underlying ‘  accent,    it  keeps  the   stress

if    no   ‘ underlying ‘  accent

strong ending  –  syllable immediately preceding it      takes stress

weak  ending  –   stress  is in   ending


marut                                      vac

marut           marutas                       vāk          vāca:

marutam      maruta:                       vācam      vāca:

marutā         marudbhi:                    vācā        vāgbhi:

marute         marudbhya:                 vāce        vāgbhya:

maruta:        marudbhya:                 vāca:       vāgbhya:

maruta:        marutām                      vāca:       vācam

maruti          marutsu                        vāci         vākṣu


vocative   is unstressed – except   sentence-initial,    first  syllable    stressed

if   no  ‘ underlying ‘   accent –   first syllable   receives   stress




accent    verbs

main  clause         verbs   unaccented              except

  1. all  sentence – initial   or  pāda – initial    words  are  accented

contiguous   verbs       second verb is accented   ( considered new sentence )

words between verbs ( belong to first verb )   second verb is accented   ( new sentence )

verbs  preceded by    sentence – initial  Vocatives      are accented


  1.     verb  accented   when  immediately preceding   id        indicates  emphasis


subordinate   clause

  1. verbs    accented


antithetical  clause

  1.       first verb usually accented        anya – anya          ca  –  ca            vā – vā


etā       2nd  pl.  imp.      come

  1.   when following this verb in a clause         accented


clitic  elements  tend  to follow the  sentence – initial  accented  word


with   Vocative-initial  words,    first  syllable  gets  accent          agni    instead of   agni

Vocatives   are   usually   unaccented


enclitics     are    unaccented

( enclitic –  depends on  preceeding  word )

iva        ‘like’    unaccented,  it follows  the word with which the comparison is made.  treated as  suffix



Vedic clause

Assertive clause –  knowledge shared by speaker and hearer –  common ground

Directive clause –  knowledge should be realized  by hearer – putting in order

Interrogative clause –  mutually agree to attempt to answer – possibility



The  perfect characteristically expresses the condition attained by the subject

as the result of a preceding action.

If that action (often a repeated or continuous one ) is continued into the

present so as to include the latter,  it may be translated by the Present ;

if it is regarded as concluded before the present,  by the Present Perfect.



i  know  this  moment  will  die,   it’s  so  wonderful

i  will  miss  life    if   i  remember  to  remember

footprints  in  the  sand

rage    rage    against  the  dying  of  the  light


thank you  for  reading  my  stuff


these  phrases  exploded  out  of  my  near-last   moments

of  my  non-existent  soul


Ben  Darras